Maggie Cadigan Managing Director Boston


Managing Director, Growth

My Comfort Zone:
As the Managing Director of The Many Boston and New Business, I’m responsible for building and growing our East Coast presence and developing new opportunities and relationships for the agency.

How I’m Challenging It:
In my six years at The Many, my comfort zone has shifted quite a few times; it's part of why I love it here so much. Nothing surprises me, which means I’m constantly pushing myself to expand to new limits and improve. As we continue to evolve the agency across states and continents with virtuality more at the forefront, I’m developing new programs to help build strong relationships and flexible ways of working that differentiate us from our peers.

Todd Lombardo


Managing Director

My Comfort Zone:
As the Managing Director overseeing the Brand team, I am responsible
for a sharp understanding of client needs, delivering excellence, and exceeding expectations.

How I’m Challenging It:
My goal is to always be uncomfortable. It is only then that I know I’m moving the world forward in the way that The Many, and our clients, need us to. So every day, I push a little further. It is in these moments that each of us grows, learns, and achieves greatness.