Rebranding An American Classic: A New Look for Bumble Bee Seafoods

Amanda Cosindas | Dec. 22 2020

Bumble Bee Seafoods is one of the most iconic brands in American history, known widely for its tuna, especially. As it was gearing up to have one of its most transformative years yet, it was time to modernize its digital presence without losing its legacy—to create some visual firepower that shows just how much the brand cares about its products and its consumers, and how well it understands what they want.
Their corporate and consumer-facing websites were the first to demand revitalization—the two central lines of communication that speak directly to the brand’s overarching values and the multi-faceted benefits of its products. With the right visual tools, we could bridge who they have been for decades with who they are today, and speak to a whole new generation of “tunaficionados.”
We began by working off of a strong brand platform that was established by our internal strategy and creative teams—“Tuna Proudly”—which influenced everything, from the brand’s entire digital presence to our Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign to Bumble Bee’s own internal office design:

With “Tuna Proudly” serving as a firm foundation, we began crafting a new visual identity for Bumble Bee’s consumer-facing brand that would convey the accessibility, approachability and sustainability central to Bumble Bee. Staying true to its legacy, we worked with a palette of rich reds, blues and other flavorful colors to create fresh brand equities for the future—updated typography, photography, animation and iconic badges that came together in a full suite of eye-popping images to develop Bumble Bee’s consumer-facing brand book:

The progressive brand evolution of Bumble Bee continued to make a splash with the launch of the all new For this new consumer website, we took a deep dive into all of the reasons why tuna is the superest of superfoods (with a mobile friendly version, of course). We also created an interactive experience for the curious and passionate—the Trace My Catch initiative—which enables people to track the source of their seafood using a special product code found on cans of tuna, salmon and sardines. The feature takes visitors to a detailed breakdown of the journey of its catch, from species to fishery location, fishing methods and vessel information, to processing and the canning process:

With its digital framework well-established, Bumble Bee was ready for the launch of its first integrated campaign in many years, and certainly the first of its kind, Yes! Bumble Bee!, a breakthrough moment reaching new audiences and showing up in places where it’s always rightfully belonged.
And while Bumble Bee’s consumer-facing expression  was refreshed, its corporate identity was also in need of revitalization. So we got to work on a catchy corporate website——a place that would reinforce Bumble Bee’s rich history where people could learn more about its commitment to sustainability and our oceans

But before the site made its way across the internet, the corporate brand book took shape. Nature-inspired photography was complimented by a palette of nautical blues, greens and coral colors to reinforce its ecologically-minded practices and mission: 

As a global seafood company, it was important that Bumble Bee’s new website reflected its commitment to the health of our oceans and those who rely on it using compelling images and education information. The site came to life across both desktop and mobile, unearthing Bumble Bee’s 120-year journey and giving it a new platform in which to exist:

Budget Blinds Makes Childproofing Look Easy in “Safety First” Spot

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 16 2020

North America’s largest custom window covering franchise, Budget Blinds, has debuted its new spot “Safety First.” The spot will air across TV, radio, and social.
As agency of record, we are excited to have hit the ground running with Budget Blinds, one of our new clients this year. 
“Budget Blinds has loved partnering with The Many on creating something that will really stand out in the industry,” Randi Baron, Brand Director for Budget Blinds. “In honor of National Window Covering Safety Month this October, we felt it was so important for families to know we offer beautiful, innovative solutions that make their homes safer for children and pets.” 
The hilarious ad features a child wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape head-to-toe and sporting safety goggles and a helmet while standing in her living room ready for her next adventure. The spot taps into parents’ natural, yet unachievable, desire to “childproof” their kid. And drives the message that Budget Blinds’ window coverings are one less thing for them to worry about.
“We needed to take a serious topic and find a way to relate to all parents as window covering safety is not top of mind for most,” said Kristin Busk, Director of Social Innovation at The Many. “And it turns out, all parents have thought about wrapping their child in bubble wrap at least once.”
As families are required to spend more time at home due to the pandemic, “Safety First” reinforces Budget Blinds’ commitment to safety and its leadership position in offering a wide selection of cordless, child-safe blinds and shades, along with state-of-the-art motorized options, that help reduce the risk of accidents or injury. 
The Many was selected as agency of record for Budget Blinds just as the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US, requiring that this new relationship and process be done completely virtual all the while building momentum to drive communications around key products and services, without the agency and brand ever being in the same room. “Safety First” is the first TV advertisement for Budget Blinds and The Many.
Watch “Safety First” below, or check it out on Ads of the World and Best Ads on TV.
And in case you missed it, Budget Blinds was also busy earlier this year giving back to essential workers during the ongoing pandemic. At a time when most people are home, essential workers are not. So Budget Blinds set out to use its powers for good by awarding eight individuals across the U.S. and Canada with custom window covering makeovers as a way of making coming home, and spending precious time at home, better for them. Take a look at the lives they touched!

Budget Blinds® is the largest window covering franchise in North America, offering custom blinds, shutters, shades, drapery, and more for residential and commercial consumers in more than 10,000 communities in the U.S. Canada and Mexico. Budget Blinds’ 900 business owners have dressed more than 25 million windows since the brand’s founding in 1992 Budget Blinds is part of the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of home improvement goods and services brands. JM Family Enterprises is the parent company of HFC.
To find the Budget Blinds location closest to you, visit To learn more about Budget Blinds franchising opportunities, go to

The Outshine Brand is the Next Delicious Win for The Many

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 14 2020

Frozen snack brand Outshine has selected The Many as lead creative agency following a competitive review. 
“As we continue to develop our Outshine snacks business to offer greater and more delicious possibilities to health-conscious consumers, we are excited to partner with The Many agency. The team at The Many stood out to us for their creative prowess and strategic thinking. We look forward to a collaborative partnership that is poised to elevate the OutshineⓇ brand and the frozen snacking category to new heights,” said Kerry Hopkins, Director of Marketing at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream.
The Many has already begun work on a new brand platform to drive greater business growth for the Outshine brand. The new integrated brand campaign will aim to take the brand’s creative to new levels across multiple channels, and bring the Outshinebrand strategy to life.
“The OutshineⓇ  brand is a leader positioned to push the category and develop a stronger connection with consumers, which is a challenge we couldn’t be more excited to support,” said Maggie Cadigan, Managing Director of New Partnerships at The Many.
Outshine snacks are delicious and wholesome frozen fruit bars made with high quality ingredients to refresh consumers from the inside out. With a wide variety of frozen bars and flavors including Fruit Bars, Half-Dipped Fruit Bars dipped in dark chocolate, Fruit & Cream bars and Simply Yogurt bars, the Outshine brand offers refreshing snacks made with the goodness of real fruit and juice. Outshine is a Nestlé Registered Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland, and used under license by Froneri International Limited. For more information, please visit, or follow Outshine on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Plus Plus Kicks Into High Gear for NOS’ Exhilarating ‘Energy Rift’

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 7 2020

The 10-day shoot for NOS Energy Drink’s latest iteration of Human Horsepower 2.0 took a drastic turn when COVID-19 hit and all production came to a grinding halt. NOS drivers like Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg, NASCAR superstar Ricky Stenhouse Jr and dirt drivers, Sheldon Haudenschild, Justin Grant, Chris Windom, Tyler Courtney, and Shane Golobic, were all lined up each for their own one-day shoots, but as with the rest of the world, everything changed. 
But with almost ten years in the dust with this boundary-pushing brand, and first out of the gate with The Many’s sister agency Plus Plus, together we launched Energy Rift and continued to deliver exactly what NOS fans crave—high energy, intensity, and power. Without missing a beat, and together with our friends at The Mill, we leaned into the ‘production plus whatever it takes’ philosophy to turn the wealth of content and sick shots we’ve amassed throughout our time with NOS into a brand new, fresh and premium spot. 
Energy Rift follows the release of our full-length documentary For The Love of Dirt, the first film to dramatically and intimately shine a spotlight on the conditions and speed that its own drivers call “a recipe for disaster.” The film was released earlier this year shortly after the world went  into lockdown, dramatically increasing eyes on NOS with over 1million views across YouTube & Amazon Prime Video alone, plus national and local network broadcast viewership for its Primetime premiere on CBS Sports.
“Our ability to pivot so quickly in a challenging situation speaks volumes to the value of long-term client relationships and the trust developed throughout the years of working together,” said Dave Horowitz, Plus Plus Executive Producer. “We had so much content in the bag from shooting year over year with NOS that before we were officially forced to pull the plug, we were already ideating what we could do with our backlog of footage to ensure the campaign moved forward.” 
Kick up some energy and check it out below!

Bumble Bee and Foodbeast Reinvent Favorite Regional Recipes

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 2 2020

Bumble Bee Seafoods, the quintessential tuna brand of home kitchens across America, has partnered with leading food news and media website, Foodbeast, to re-imagine regional favorites throughout the country.
With Foodbeast as an authority on wild and unique recipes, the results with Bumble Bee include Miami-style arepas that have been tricked out with tuna to create irresistible Tuna Melt Arepas, and iconic Los Angeles street dogs fully immersed in Bumble Bee to come up for air as Tuna ‘Street Dogs.’ Everything else in between is a guaranteed head turner, all based on the idea of rethinking what canned tuna can be in the hands of intrepid and fearless home cooks, and placing tuna exactly where it rightfully belongs.
The line-up  also includes time-saving techniques for Tuna Salad Bagels and Tuna Hash Burritos to start the morning off in a fantastic fashion (or any time of the day, really). And if you didn’t think you could flip a Dirty Martini into a Tunatini, the answer is Yes! you can. Bumble Bee has done just that and even accompanied it with Tuna Crostinis. Now think about that concept without raising a pinky up.
The Foodbeast collaboration reinforces the notion that Bumble Bee tuna is a versatile, nutritious food choice with creative deliciousness in mind, and is just following the recent launch of Bumble Bee’s newest advertising campaign, Yes! Bumble Bee!, created in partnership with advertising agency The Many (that’s us!), which is the first in years for the brand. The campaign in its entirety gives viewers the chance to watch along as tuna is used in new and innovative expressions.
With Bumble Bee Seafoods tried and true reputation joining forces with Foodbeast’s perspective, the world’s original perception of canned tuna is now a blank canvas for just about anyone willing to create their own out-the-box interpretations of home-cooked favorites, whether it be these recipes or your own vivid creations that make you scream, Yes! Bumble Bee!
To watch all of these recipes come to life, visit Bumble Bee’s Facebook page or go to for even more.

The Many Multiplies with the Launch of Plus Plus

Amanda Cosindas | Sep. 30 2020

We’re stoked to announce the launch of our sister agency and multi-service production company, Plus Plus. As exemplified by its name, Plus Plus represents the evolution of production to include ideation and execution for all production categories including branded content, commercials, experiential, filmmaking, design and photography.
Its relationship with The Many allows Plus Plus to draw upon traditional agency services including media, social, strategy, talent acquisition and public relations to create a tailored fit for every client’s specific needs and ensure the effectiveness of the brand’s output. It also supports our nimble approach to accommodating a range of clients, from AOR to project-based, who may not require full agency services, at which point Plus Plus steps in. 
“To be effective in production today, we have to go beyond just being a world-class production service entity and tap into the breadth of agency capabilities at our fingertips,” said Dave Horowitz, Executive Producer. “The development of Plus Plus has been a very organic process—it began with such a high demand for content from clients at a fast pace, and what we’ve learned is that it’s simply unrealistic to outsource every project to third parties. Instead, you have to be dedicated to the work.”
While we began with in-house production in 2013, Plus Plus is a formalization of that business function as a separate entity that offers media and creative to its own clients in addition to traditional production services. The team hits the ground running with a client roster that spans brands, agencies and content platforms such as NOS Energy Drink, Discover Los Angeles, STARZ, E!, United Way LA, Australian Agency Emotive, and Music Video Media.
Plus Plus will continue to execute projects for The Many, supporting our ability to move fast and effectively. However, Plus Plus never bids against other production companies for agency projects. 
Another added feature of Plus Plus is that each of its employees serves a dual role, whether that’s being an executive producer plus director or composer, or a line producer plus an agency producer. Everything at Plus Plus adds up to deliver more than you expect.
See the Plus Plus news in The LA Egotist and Shoot, and check out its full-length documentary film For the Love of Dirt that launched earlier this year for NOS Energy Drink.

From SnackNation to Caroo: A New Way to Show You Care

Amanda Cosindas | Sep. 16 2020

We are excited to welcome SnackNation back to The Many family! And even more excited to help turn the healthy snack delivery company into Caroo as they enhance their digital capabilities to offer “better-for-you” products for employees and folks at home. 
During our last go around with the healthy snack delivery service, we worked together to build a brand identity for packaging and external communications. Through typography, graphics, photography, and color we were able to codify and convey the depth and breadth of the SnackNation brand.
This time around, we are back at it to help establish a new brand identity, and even a new name. You see, Caroo means ‘care’ without being too obvious—a subtle nod to the importance, especially now, of showing someone just how much they mean to you, whether that’s an employee, coworker, family member or friend.

Our team of designers, creatives and strategists, worked hand-in-hand with the amazing team at Caroo to bring this forward-thinking brand to life, from carefully selected colors to typography to photography that nurture joy and sophistication, just like the services Caroo has to offer. In addition to its existing product suite under SnackNation, Caroo will offer three principal lines: Nourish, Inspire + Connect and Concierge, all focused on premium snacks and beverages.
So, in celebration of this new adventure together, we invite you to learn a bit more about our SnackNation team, and what better way to do that than to gather around the virtual snack bowl and share their favorite snacks?!
You can also read more about Caroo and how snacking habits continue to change amidst COVID-19 in Forbes.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Launches its First-Ever National Campaign, Filmed in Quarantine

Patrick Cambria | Sep. 2 2020

As the world went into quarantine, we were busy working virtually with Chameleon Cold-Brew to create the brand’s debut national campaign, producing the series of spots entirely during lockdown.
The campaign — Bring that Craft Home — is a six-spot series that was completed without any two people ever being in the same room, shot entirely from the director of photography’s home.   
“As the first national campaign in the brand’s ten-year history, we wanted to make a bold statement about the uniqueness that makes Chameleon the no. 1 organic cold-brew in the United States,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, General Manager, Nestlé. “Within a matter of hours, early on in the Coronavirus lockdown, we made a dramatic shift in our creative execution, ultimately deciding to act fast and head into production from our respective homes.”
The virtual production process involved securing talented production and animation partners to casting to final delivery – and everything in between – remotely, and took place in homes across the country, from New York to Washington, DC to Los Angeles.
The six spots can be viewed across CTV, digital and social and feature an ensemble cast of talking chameleons, including an effervescent Vanilla flavor and a hilariously-contentious relationship between a no-nonsense Black Coffee Concentrate and the know-it-all Espresso Cold Brew. The spots tap into the quirky personality of the Chameleon brand to bring the distinctive chameleon logos to life as iconic animated characters, each of whom express the cold brew’s variety of flavors and colorful logos as unique voices and personality archetypes. The campaign is an entertaining way of expressing the brand’s approachability and accessibility while communicating all of the product quality attributes that might otherwise make it just another exclusive, pretentious craft coffee.
Bringing the Chameleon characters to life, albeit a blast was no easy feat during a massive global shutdown and social distancing,” said Josh Paialii, Creative Director at The Many, the Chameleon creative agency that helped bring the series to life. “As of early March, we knew we’d have to pivot campaign direction pretty quickly, but it was still paramount to create something ownable for the Chameleon brand and distinct in the coffee category. Despite the challenges that came with conducting production virtually, we are proud that we were able to develop a seamless and seemingly typical campaign during a global pandemic.”
Read more about our partnership with Chameleon in Campaign US’ story “The Dude abides: Chameleon Cold-Brew’s reptilian mascot quietly emerges as an advertising star” where Leonardo and Josh discuss in detail what this campaign signifies for Chameleon and just what it was like to create an entire campaign remotely. You can also watch “Brew Band” and “Pants” live now, just keep scrolling.

Budget Blinds Reminds the World Everyone is at Home, Except for Essential Workers

Amanda Cosindas | Aug. 25 2020

Right now, COVID-19 means most people are home, but not essential workers. Budget Blinds understands the enormous emotional importance of home, in every sense. And being a company that aspires to create homes that are uniquely welcoming for each customer, Budget Blinds wants to use their powers for good. To show their immense appreciation for these heroes, they have set out to make coming home, and spending precious time at home, better for them.
So Budget Blinds is giving back to essential workers by awarding eight individuals across the U.S. and Canada with custom window covering makeovers who have been nominated by local franchisees and associates. We couldn’t be more pleased to help capture these essential workers’ surprised reactions as they learned that they had been chosen.
The social content series individually profiles each honoree, and is an opportunity for each to tell their own story, including the challenges they face showing up to work everyday amidst a pandemic, and what their homes and being at home means to them, especially now. They also give the audience the chance to get to know just how amazing, and essential, each of these people truly are.
The series features people like Angela Q., the ICU nurse who relocated her entire family to Boston to help fight COVID-19, and James, an ER nurse setting an example for his young children. 
The films began rolling out on Budget Blinds’ social channels on August 11th, with a new story launching every Tuesday and Thursday until September 3rd. Watch them all on Instagram and Facebook, or take a look below to learn more about Angela and James.

Yes! Bumble Bee! Invites Consumers to Think About Tuna in New Ways

Amanda Cosindas | Aug. 19 2020

Tuna as a source of protein to fuel your workout? Yes! Bumble Bee! Tuna as the ultimate fast food? Yes! Bumble Bee!
Our Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign that launches today proudly touts Bumble Bee tuna’s many benefits by showing up creatively in ways you may not anticipate, but, frankly, places that Bumble Bee tuna has always rightfully belonged.
“You can’t just tell someone that tuna is great, you have to force them to re-appraise it. That’s what we really focused on,” said Damien ‘Tuna Melt’ Eley, ECD and Partner.
“So while building out the creative and the media plan, we tried not to make it more complicated than simply isolating the awesome benefits of Bumble Bee tuna—benefits that people may not have known or have at least thought about for a while—and then finding the most unexpected ways in which we could deliver that,” said Ashley ‘Tuna Fuels Me’ Milhollin and Annie ‘Really Spicy Tuna Melt’ Johnston, Associate Creative Directors.
You’ll find the campaign on national TV, your favorite digital networks, and see it pop up in your social feed. Linear TV markets include New York, Boston and Baltimore, while connected TV markets include Los Angeles, Miami and Tampa.
Yes! Bumble Bee! will also run across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well as all of Bumble Bee’s owned channels, including a revamped brand website. In addition, we are launching creative partnerships with media outlets like and We are also partnering with social influencers from the same verticals as the campaign – sports, active lifestyle, and fast food – who will share the benefits of Bumble Bee products with their followers in surprising and fun ways.
Watch all four spots below now: Get Your Melt On, What Fuels You?, Trailblazer, and Open Pantry. You can also check out what Adweek has to say about Yes! Bumble Bee!.

Todd Putman, EVP and Chief Growth Officer
Daniel Hofmeister, SVP Brand Marketing
Renee Junge, VP Corporate Brand Strategy & Communication
Amanda Baiada, Director of Marketing
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Damien Eley, Executive Creative Director, Partner
Blake Marquis, Executive Creative Director, Partner
Annie Johnston, Associate Creative Director
Ashley Milhollin, Associate Creative Director
Noah Sacksteder, Senior Copywriter
Frank Garguilo, Senior Art Director
Zach Williams, Senior Designer
Patrick Cambria, Designer
John Duch, Designer
Maria Favela, Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Edgar Zavala, Motion Graphics Designer
Todd Lombardo, Managing Director, Brand and Social
Pamela Lloyd, Senior Brand Director
Karen Andres, Brand Director
Madeline Gali, Project Manager
Melissa Cabral, Group Strategy Director
Harriet Riley, Senior Social Strategist
Kimberly Vorse, Producer
Amanda Cosindas, Director of Communications
Davis Jones, Managing Director of Media Services
Alex Barnes, Media Director
Alyssa DeSangro, Associate Media Director
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Anna Fawcett, Executive Producer
Jude Lengel, Producer 
Simon Ozlins, Director of Photography (What Fuels You)
Danny Pope, Director of Photography (Get Your Melt On)
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Jamie Morris, Art Director
Ben Masters, Food Stylist (Get Your Melt On)
Chan Hatcher, Editor, Cabin Edit
Rommel Molina, SDX/Mix, Beacon Street
Siggy Ferstl, Colorist, Company 3
Samuel Lowen, Composer (Get Your Melt On)
Shape + Light, VFX and Conform