Engines Roaring: ‘Between 2 Rides’ Season 2 Has Premiered!

THE MANY | May. 31 2023

Motorheads, it’s time to rev those engines – Season 2 of our award-winning web series, Between 2 Rides, has just premiered! Launched this morning, the season’s first episode has already set the pace for an exhilarating journey that promises to be bigger, bolder, and even more electrifying than the last.
On eBay Motors’ YouTube channel – a platform that we’ve proudly grown to over 160K+ subscribers – Between 2 Rides returns to deliver a deep-dive exploration into the intricate world of automotive culture. Packed with insightful commentary, captivating visuals, and an extra layer of fun, the series aims to be an exciting journey that any car enthusiast will appreciate.
This season, we’ve ramped up the excitement with the addition of Emelia Hartford. Bringing her unique perspective, extensive knowledge, and undeniable passion for all things automotive, Emelia promises to infuse the series with an entirely new level of energy.
You can experience this thrilling journey by watching the first episode, available now on YouTube. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – we’re already in high gear for the rest of the season. With more exciting episodes on the horizon, the journey is just getting started.
Stay tuned for more updates, remember to subscribe to eBay Motors’ YouTube channel for the latest episodes, and above all, enjoy the ride! Buckle up, because Between 2 Rides Season 2 is ready to take you on a wild journey through the ever-fascinating world of automotive culture.
Check out CarBuzz for media coverage and gear up for the exciting journey that awaits.

The Many Gets Demonic With Neckface, Nike and eBay

The Many | Jan. 27 2023

World-renowned street-artist Nasty Neckface, in collaboration with eBay, got all nasty on some Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker boxes to raise money for Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Project for underserved communities.
The four artistically-crafted boxes made of metal and demon skulls were auctioned off with a hardcore skater-themed social campaign to support.
Content produced and directed by The Many’s production arm, Plus Plus creative studios.

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A Shrine to Sneaker Culture By Blue the Great

The Many | Jan. 27 2023

Blue The Great is a photographer, sculptor, producer, DJ and the artist who The Many collaborated with to create a limited run of first-of-its-kind sneaker shrines called ‘The Final Touch’ for eBay.
Sneakerheads pick up 14 pairs of kicks a minute from eBay. To show that we understand the reverence for an epic sneaker, we offer up the ultimate grail for them to chill upon.
Two feet-tall, cast from urethane resin before being individually hand-sanded and painted, clear-coat sealed, and topped with a die cut acrylic paint palette, “The Final Touch” took a year to create, is individually numbered and can only be obtained by following @ebaysneakers.

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A TRIATHLON For A Modified 4WD, aka The Modathon!

The Many | Nov. 15 2022

Modathon is spine-jarring, 3 episode YouTube series where three influential creators take turns transforming a stock Bronco into a trail beast with all the parts and accessories on eBay Motors at their disposal. The long-form content documents the trio of builds and the hundreds of dusty miles, sheer drop-offs, and trouble-shooting that gets the crew to their final, epic trail meet-up.
The content was designed for the off-roading community to consider eBay Motors for all their modification needs and to continue the narrative of YouTube as a must-subscribe destination for motors content.  The series had 100K organic views in its first hour.  Produced and directed in its entirety by The Many’s production arm Plus Plus creative studios.

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Panda Express and The Many celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with good fortune for all

The Many | Jan. 17 2023

In just over a month-long celebration of Lunar New Year, Panda Express is offering the internet good fortune in the form of free menu items (lucky dishes!), $8 discounts on Panda Family Meals, and restaurant gift cards ranging from $88 to $888 (the luckiest number of all). All guests have to do is try their luck with the Good Fortune Scratcher! 
Developed by The Many and development partner dotdotdash, the Lunar New Year Good Fortune Scratcher is a web-based, lotto-inspired scratcher game that not only offers instant prizes for all who plays, but also educates players around the many traditions and icons of Lunar New Year. With over 2,000 stores nationwide, Panda Express believes in the power of bridging both Eastern and Western cultures, and helping those uninitiated with the holiday learn about some of its traditions and customs; all the while encouraging everyone to come together around the dining table with those we love — a tradition we can all connect with.
In addition to the Good Fortune Scratcher game, The Many developed over 40 unique static and animated content pieces for IG and TikTok that not only encourage guests to play the game, but truly make coming together around Panda Family Meal an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed during this time of year.  
In the two years prior, The Many and Panda Express have collaborated together to create Traditions Shared, a brand film that told the story of a young boy being invited to his neighbor’s Lunar New Year celebration, creating a lifelong memory and connection between the two, as well as The Good Fortune Arcade — a nostalgia-inspired, 8-bit video game where you can earn restaurant discounts by collecting lucky dishes stolen by the holiday’s fabled mythical antagonist — Nian. 
Though each year brings new themes and cultural insights, what remains consistent in the work is the opportunity to make Lunar New Year a holiday that is resonant, approachable, and inspiring for all. “Nothing says Lunar New Year like a delicious meal filled with family, traditions, good food and good fortune,” said Jacque Vavroch, associate creative director at The Many. “And nothing says good fortune like a good ol’ fashioned scratcher — so we were thrilled to bring all these elements together in one celebratory, gamified experience.”
In just three weeks, the Good Fortune Scratcher has surpassed all benchmarks, with roughly 1.2M unique visitors and counting having played the game, and over a 100,000 redemption codes for lucky dishes and family meals having already been redeemed. 
You can visit PandaLNY.com and try your luck today! 
You can see additional coverage of the Good Fortune Scratcher featured in Adweek, Thrillist, Little Black Book, Trendhunter, Yahoo, Chewboom and BrandEating.

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Netflix and The Many Unleash the Beast

Scott Harris | Aug. 8 2022

When a 50 ft long, 8 ft high purple crab claw washed up on Venice Beach in the middle of the July 4 weekend something fishy was definitely going on. When a 25ft high red sea monster emerged from the ocean soon after, people discovered they were a part of an activation to launch Netflix’s new animated adventure movie from Chris Williams, The Sea Beast.
The campaign began by mysteriously dropping the giant claw on the sand adjacent to the famous Venice Skate Park 24 hours prior to launching the floating version of Red’s head out of Marina Del Rey and towing it along the coastline before anchoring the head off of the Santa Monica Pier.
Head of Production Dave Horowitz commented  “An installation in the Pacific Ocean certainly comes with risk, but Red was meticulously designed and engineered by our partners, The Lab. Each step towards activating felt like a major accomplishment: mounting Red onto the pontoon, craning her into the ocean, and finally towing her out to sea.”
Partnerships with influencers such as Mario Lopez, Jessi Malay and Kyle Huber amplified the stunt.
Associate Creative Director Frank Garguilo added “The only thing that felt bigger than our sea beasts were the genuine reactions from the Angelenos that encountered the activation, and their excitement at uncovering the movie behind the spectacle.”
It wasn’t the first time the agency has gone big in activating for a client as The Many gained early notoriety for bringing Hot Wheels cars, tracks, and ramps to life-size proportion while setting three world records a decade ago.

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eBay Watches Sellers’ Club Focuses on Women in the Watch Industry

Blake Marquis | May. 31 2022

Episode 2 of Sellers’ Club for @ebaywatches is here, and this time, its focus is on women in the watch industry. 
For decades, the watch industry has been dominated by men. From gender classification to advertising campaigns, women’s voices are rarely called upon in the world of watches. But the tide of change is upon us, and that time is now.
“Getting to highlight a strong cast of women who are paving the way in the watch world was amazing,” said Mars Milisic, Creative Director at The Many. “Not only did they bring some of the most interesting timepieces to talk about, but their passion and credibility shined. Watch out, watch world, the ladies are here to make waves.” 

The second installment in the series features women from two of eBay’s top-selling luxury watch storefronts and one prominent watch collector from across the globe — Caroline Kallman Joffe of @watchbox, Viktoriia Kholevchuk of @chronostorenyc, and Misha Daud, also known as @watch_fashionista. In the just over five-minute short film, the trio discusses and shares some of the world’s most unique timepieces across four segments — Conversation Starter, Rule Breaker, The Big Flex and Future Forward. As they exquisitely draw viewers in with their knowledge of luxury watches, the women introduce what makes their love for watches so special, sharing with viewers their favorites including a rare Rolex ‘Khanjar’ Day-Date from Oman and a cosmic H. Moser & Cie x MB&F Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon.


“We’re excited to build on the success of Sellers’ Club Episode 1 by pushing the boundaries and leading conversations that don’t often get prioritized in the watch industry,” said Emily Hambleton, Associate Brand Director at The Many. “This has been a common theme across our work with eBay on their watches content so far: opening the dialogue for underrepresented groups in the space.”
The Sellers’ Club series celebrates the intrigue of getting into high-end timepieces as a hobby, or a business. These timepieces are an obsession, each one with its own story. The rich history, intricate mechanical movements, and unparalleled craftsmanship make high-end watches a lifelong passion; one that demands deep, detailed, intensive discussion. If anyone is equipped to create an analog of a watch club, it’s eBay; the marketplace where collectors have been convening for over a quarter of a century.
Segments of eBay Sellers’ Club Episode 2 will launch on May 31; airing in :30 second clips across paid social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while the five-minute short film will be hosted on @eBaywatches Instagram and eBay’s YouTube page.

eBay Motors Brings High Octane Thrills From Part to Finish in Latest Content Series, Between 2 Rides

Blake Marquis | May. 24 2022

What happens when the right parts are put to the ultimate test? Between 2 Rides, an exhilarating, new five-episode YouTube series from eBay Motors, showcases exactly how highly-modified cars outperform their stock counterparts. Chasing choppers. Burning rubber. Defying gravity. The show follows racing and modding powerhouse, Collete Davis, and her renowned auto and YouTube creator guest stars Chris Forsberg, Tanner Foust, Emelia Hartford, Westen Champlin, and Rich Benoit (Rich Rebuilds), as they talk a little shop and then take their epic builds for a turbocharged ride. 
A first-of-its-kind series for the brand’s auto-focused YouTube Channel, Between 2 Rides shows auto enthusiasts that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you drive, and that the right parts from eBay Motors can make all the difference, whether it’s suping up your truck’s suspension for the perfect overlanding trip or modding out your engine to maximize your ¼ mile. 
The series kicks off with Ep. 1, released today, featuring 3x Formula Drift World Champion, Chris Forsberg, and his racing built 1300hp Z. Collete Davis takes the all-new 2023 Nissan Z and heads to a Long Beach shipyard to meet Forsberg where they discuss its main mods, what it takes to reach the apex of the sport, and then unleash Forsberg’s ride on a specially-designed drift course through shipping containers, under forklifts, and more. It’s a can’t-miss tour de g-force.


As the largest marketplace for authentic parts and accessories, eBay Motors is reaching automotive enthusiasts where they’re spending the most time, YouTube, the most popular platform among Gen Z, the second-highest total volume platform for the automotive category, and the second most popular platform for Parts and Accessories. And as a team of gear heads themselves, eBay Motors knew that connecting with enthusiasts who are continuously looking to fuel their passions would require breaking the gridlock of category norms. The solution? A recurring series with leading automotive creators and the highest caliber, heart-pounding automotive footage that stands out and excites both enthusiasts and novices alike.
“People don’t subscribe to videos. They may like them, possibly comment on them, and hopefully share them – but people only subscribe to channels that consistently pump out interesting content,” noted AJ Rivvers, Group Creative Director at The Many. “Launching Between 2 Rides as an episodic series, covering different subcultures, was important to demonstrate our commitment to the auto communities, and give us a calendar to plan around as we fire up even more content in the future.”
The series was produced by The Many’s sister agency, Plus Plus Productions, and directed by Trevor Paperny, who’s been at the helm of a decade’s worth of thrilling content for NOS Energy Drink, including his feature film directorial debut for For the Love of Dirt. Paperny’s cinematic approach delivers an adrenaline-filled rush that helps eBay Motors raise the bar on long-form content, the kind that automotive enthusiasts didn’t realize they were craving until now.
The series is ready to play at youtube.com/ebaymotors, and @ebaymotors on Instagram and Facebook. Check out the full season trailer below!


Visit West Hollywood Joins Forces With Powerhouse Personalities for Exclusive Content Series Focused on Defining “New” Luxury

Blake Marquis | May. 19 2022

TThe West Hollywood Travel and Tourism Board, also known as Visit West Hollywood, today released a destination marketing campaign, “Creators of West Hollywood,” featuring notable personalities with connections to the internationally known city. The campaign features six successful and uncommon individuals, each representing the best of West Hollywood in dining, nightlife, design, music, fitness, and shopping. As tourism begins to flourish again in the city following the pandemic, the series is vital to furthering the board’s mission to re-establish the reputation the city’s always been known for: that of a vibrant, unique, energetic neighborhood continually at the forefront of progress and change.
The content series was developed in creative partnership with The Many, including creative directors Mars Milisic and Kate “Rizzo” Digilio, produced by its sister agency Plus Plus, and directed by newly signed Plus Plus director, Emmanuelle Pickett. The work was awarded to Plus Plus on the heels of its “LA Comeback” spot for long standing partner Los Angeles Tourism, the highest rated film to date for LAT.   
“This campaign is an authentic and personal peek into why West Hollywood is the city that it is,” said Jeff Morris, Chief Marketing Officer for West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board. “Each one of these creators has a real love and appreciation for the city, and this new video series will help our organization welcome the world back to the city at the heart of Los Angeles that has an unmistakable ‘vibe’.”
The campaign will also focus on exploring the “new Luxury” that has emerged in the city. As a counterpoint to traditional definitions of luxury, West Hollywood is looking to define luxury in a whole new way. Elevated experiences like exceptional hotels with unique, premium amenities and impeccable five-star service; award-winning (Michelin + James Beard) culinary; unique boutique shopping; cutting-edge wellness; and world-class entertainment are collectively inspiring and redefining what luxury truly is for visitors from around the globe.
Chef and Partner/Owner Raphael Francois (Tesse and Fanny’s), DJ and poet Mia Moretti, Founder and Owner Mary Ta (Minotti Los Angeles, MASS Beverly), General Manager Tommy Black of The Viper Room, Founder and Owner Kirk Myers of DOGPOUND, and Interior Designer and Co-Founder Adair Curtis of JSN Studio, all discuss their unique connection to West Hollywood in the video campaign. They highlight their experiences in the city, known for its diversity and inclusivity, and which has increasingly become known for its new luxury appeal. Each personality reveals their favorite spots, and why the city is important to them as it pertains to their respective fields and careers – which are all quite successful.
Filming was conducted over the course of three days on location in and around West Hollywood, including The West Hollywood EDITION, Tesse Restaurant, Fanny’s Restaurant at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Boundary, DOGPOUND WeHo, Minotti Los Angeles Mass on Beverly, the Viper Room, the Sunset Marquis, Nightbird Studios and more. The series was shot on film by using both 35mm and 16mm lensed by cinematographer, Ian Rigby, and brought to life by West Hollywood-based director, Emmanuelle Pickett.
“Emmanuelle Pickett’s taste, aesthetic, and knowledge of West Hollywood culture made her the perfect Plus Plus director to bring this creative to life,” said Dave Horowitz, Executive Producer at Plus Plus. “As we define a new luxury, her expertise captures the neighborhood’s electricity in a flawless way.”
Pickett’s use of film was an intentional one, drawing viewers in with a feeling of intimacy to express the creativity of the city of West Hollywood. “The feeling and result of shooting on film resonates with the mystery and magic of West Hollywood – a place where truly anything can happen. Film is a medium that demands a type of care and presence from crew and talent that can often get lost in the age of digital screens and immediate gratification.” said Pickett. “This was a meaningful opportunity for me to give back to the city that I’ve come up in. I hope it feels like a love letter to my fellow creatives as much as it is to the city that has made my dreams a reality.”
Visit West Hollywood’s long-term vision is to market the city as a first-choice visitor destination to business and leisure travelers and create demand for the experience of West Hollywood. Visit West Hollywood is the only official organization dedicated to creating visitor awareness and demand, developing and delivering timely, relevant and comprehensive information about the destination. Watch the full series below or at  visitwesthollywood.com.


Client: West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board
Chief Marketing Officer: Jeff Morris
Production Agency: Plus Plus 
Creative Agency: The Many
Creative Directors: Mars Milisic, Kate Digilio
Executive Producers: Dave Horowitz, Trevor Paperny
Director: Emmanuelle Pickett 
Director of Photography: Ian Rigby 
1ST AC, Josh Borgogni
2ND AC, Vinny Mauro
Steadicam OP: Greg Arch
Producer: Iris Torres 
Production Manager: Isaac Levy 
Production Coordinator: Liana Perez, Tom Franco 
1st AD: Helena Karadimos
Production Designer: Noemi Polo
Composer: Charles Derenne
D.I.T. Jeremy Inman
PA: Geoff Samuels, Jay Samuels,Trip Harper, Skylar Fisher, Sean Franz
Art PA: Ronnie Burness
Gaffer/Driver: Michael Cruz 
Electric: Alexander Szuch
Key Grip/Driver: Sergio Silva 
Grip: Robby Dulany 
Sound Mixer: Miliken Gardner 
Hair/MU: Ashley Cornett
Stylist: Abbie Martin Toomey: 
Hair: Karen Arechiga (Mia Moretti) 
Makeuo: Ashley Cornett (Mia Moretti)
Covid Compliance Officer: Zane Roessell

Whisky Doesn’t Care What’s Between Your Legs According To New Campaign for The Glenlivet Featuring Anna Paquin, Produced by Plus Plus

Blake Marquis | Apr. 29 2022

Academy Award Winner Anna Paquin and renowned Single Malt Scotch The Glenlivet are ripping up the rule book on whisky drinking traditions in a provocative new campaign for Australia and New Zealand.
In 2022, the Original Speyside Single Malt is on a mission to break the whisky drinker stereotype and shine a light on all appreciators. As Paquin says in the new commercial, “Whisky doesn’t care what’s between your legs, so why should we be told to follow these rules?”
The launch film, created in collaboration with Australian based creative agency Emotive, directed by famed fashion director and photographer, Jamie Nelson, on location at her 1968 Hollywood Regency style house in San Fernando Valley, LA, and produced by The Many’s sister agency, Plus Plus, sees Anna turning whisky drinking traditions on their head. Whether squeezing fresh fruit into The Glenlivet, enjoying some whisky with ice or simply using whatever glass is closest, Anna revels in the kind of totally normal behavior that makes Whisky purists squirm in their leather bound armchairs.


To challenge traditional perceptions of Whisky, Emotive CEO, Simon Joyce shares “We set out to deliver a campaign that flipped the script on preconceived ideas of how it should be drunk and advertised. Gone are the tumblers, fireplaces, oak barrels, reconstructions of Scottish life in 1822 and dark brooding men with facial hair. In their place is Canadian born, New Zealand actor Anna Paquin, a blue tiger head and all kinds of Whisky drinking blasphemy. Hopefully the audience enjoys it as much as we did making it.”
“We have always wanted to collaborate with Jamie, and it was simply a matter of time before we had the perfect project to do together,” said Dave Horowitz, Head of Production at Plus Plus. “I love the positioning of the campaign, and we’re always down to help challenge what is comfortable and disrupt conventions.”
Paquin was selected to become the face of The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand due to her ongoing invitation to flip convention on its head. She is a vocal advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.
Noting her first experience with The Glenlivet, Anna Paquin broke conventions by adding tonic to the whisky, stating: “I first discovered Glenlivet while I was working in Scotland. While it tastes great on its own, I found it’s even yummier when you add a little mixer and create a cocktail.”
The Australian and New Zealand campaign builds on The Glenlivet global mission to change the outdated perception of the stereotypical whisky drinker – one image at a time. To challenge the cultural norm of the whisky drinker as a middle-aged white man, The Glenlivet is infiltrating search engine algorithms, purposefully planting images to change the visual landscape.
#BreakTheStereotype celebrates inclusivity within whisky and is the first in a series of bold ambitions The Glenlivet is undertaking as part of their new platform, ‘This Is Whisky’, which aims to challenge a range of old upheld conventions in the world of whisky. Now when searching ‘whisky drinker’ using Google ImagesTM search service, the user is greeted with a colourful montage as unique and diverse as real whisky drinkers in 2022. In Australia and New Zealand, nearly a third of female drinkers drink whisky monthly*, a 40% increase since 2015**. Females are adopting whisky at four times the rate of males.**
On offering her personal space to shoot The Glenlivet campaign, Jamie Nelson notes: “It made so much sense to shoot this The Glenlivet campaign with Plus Plus Productions at my house. My vision for the campaign was to take the consumer away from the stereotypical stale and outdated brown leather whisky drinking den we imagine our grandpas sipping scotch and whiskey in. Instead I wanted to showcase our star, Anna Paquin, in a new whisky-drinking world that is colourful, playful, sexy, rock and roll, and exudes unashamed confidence in one’s self.”
The Glenlivet’s new campaign with Anna Paquin has launched in Australia and New Zealand. To read more on the campaign and #BreakTheStereotype head to The Glenlivet’s website.