Bumble Bee Reels in Flavorful Lunch Prep with Stop Motion Animation

Ty Gates | Jul. 23 2021

Following Bumble Bee Seafood’s Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign that put tuna in unexpected places but, frankly, where it rightfully belongs, Bumble Bee is back with more deliciousness. This time, we’re bringing tuna to life using stop motion animation in “Tuna Penne, Pronto” and “Mediterranean-Meets-Albacore Salad.”
Especially when working in the office or remotely (or let’s face it, juggling kids and pets), lunch often consists of whatever can be thrown together quickly or delivered between meetings. But sometimes, we all find ourselves with a bit more time to enjoy the spoils of a well-prepared midday meal.
Whether you’re time-crunched or time is on your side, our latest work for Bumble Bee shows us all how Bumble Bee offers something all lunch lovers can appreciate—speed and versatility.
The series of :15 and :06 stop motion shorts feature sonic landscapes that reinforce the benefits of Bumble Bee. Whether that means enhancing your quick pasta lunch with lemon pepper flavored wild-caught tuna or introducing delicious wild-caught albacore to your Mediterranean salad, these quick stop motion videos don’t just stimulate the appetite, they connect with consumers on a subconscious level – communicating ‘speed’ and ‘versatility’ through sound.
With The Many’s media group at the helm, the work is currently airing across paid social channels including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram with animated banners running programmatically.
Catch the work below, and don’t forget to check out the Tuna Penne, Pronto recipe from Bumble Bee if you find your stomach growling.



Client: Bumble Bee Seafoods 
SVP Brand Marketing, Daniel Hofmeister
VP of Brand Management, Jeanine Lewis Canales
Director of Marketing – Brand Management, Jeremy Zavoral
Director of Marketing, Dana Kowal
Associate Digital Marketing Manager, Anna George
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Director, Partner, Damien Eley
Creative Director, Adam Flanagan
Associate Creative Director, Annie Johnston
Associate Creative Director, Ashley Milhollin
Copywriter, Bryce Pangman
Art Director, Harper Biewen
Designer, Patrick Cambria
Managing Director, Brand and Social, Todd Lombardo
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Pamela Lloyd
Senior Brand Director, Kevin Fuller
Senior Project Manager, Madeline Gali
Project Manager, Tori Landin
Group Strategy Director, Melissa Cabral
Director of Social Strategy, Harriet Riley
Strategy Director, Nicole Fuhrman
Producer, Kimberly Vorse
Senior Producer, Morgan Menco
Assistant Production Coordinator, Connor Bland
Director of Communications, Amanda Cosindas
Managing Director of Media Services, Davis Jones
Group Director of Analytics and Strategy, Vanessa Shanahan
Analytics Lead, Sean Desmond
Group Media Director, Alex Barnes
Media Director, Jaclyn VanSloten
Associate Media Director, Caroline Tambling
Media Supervisor, Anissa Sanders
Senior Digital Planner, Katie Sullivan
Media Planner, Catherine Nguyen

Production Company: Ancient Order
Director and Executive Producer, Jack Zegarski
Director and Executive Producer, Kyle Arneson
Production Manager, Rachel Powell
Storyboard Artist, Jeff Bounthavong
Storyboard Artist, Dante Tumminello
Animation Director, Quique Rivera
Animator, Jackie Cadiente
Animation Assistant, Mengxi Yang
DP, Charles Schner
First AC, Luca Cioci
Gaffer, Jared Berman
Still Photographer, Liz Ehlers
Photo Assistant, Peter Koocheradis
Prop Stylist, Amy Chinelli
Prop Stylist Assistance, Francesca Gabrielle
Prop Stylist Assistance, Dorothy Hoover
Art Assistant, Andrew Wright
Food Stylist (Stop Motion) Marah Abel
Food Stylist (Photo), Joanna Holbek
Food Stylist Assistant, Jason Stroh
Food Stylist Assistant, Yash Dhillon
Editor, Matt Mariska
VFX Artist, Andrew Babick
VFX Artist, Larry Ho
Colorist, Stephen Arkle
Sound Designer and Mixer, Alex Ball
PA, Henrik Larsen

Exploring Plant-Based Deliciousness with Sweet Earth

Ty Gates | Jul. 12 2021

Plant-based food shouldn’t just be good for you and the planet, it should taste good too. And it’s that message that Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods wants you to hear loud and clear when you see their recent work made in conjunction with the team here The Many. 
The work—three 15-second spots filmed in Toronto, Canada by proudly plant-based director Michael Downing of Biscuit Filmworks—comes to life through three vignettes.
The spots, each of which features a different dish from the Sweet Earth portfolio, follow a young family, a young couple, and a 20-something single woman as they all try various Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods for the first time. 
The stories, featuring Sweet Earth’s Pad Thai, Awesome Burgers, and plant-based Mindful Chik’n respectively, aim to show that plant-based food should be easy, accessible, and most importantly delicious for everyone, consistently challenging us to explore all-new flavor combinations and food innovations we’ve never tasted before.
The Many and Sweet Earth are excited to continue our efforts in driving diversity, inclusion and representation in the work we create together.
The spots are the first work to come out of the new relationship between The Many and Sweet Earth and are the first step in a nationwide rollout process for the plant-based purveyor.


BioSteel Welcomes Christen Press to the Team

Rik Patenaude & Scott Ellman | Jul. 6 2021

With a roster consisting of the top U.S. athletes in their respective sports – Patrick Mahomes, Luka Dončić and Ezekiel Elliot to name a few – BioSteel added one of the world’s best female athletes to the team. Introducing U.S. Women’s National Soccer team star, Christen Press.
To celebrate the moment, BioSteel and The Many released a “press conference” in which the two-time world champion announced that she was taking her talents to Team BioSteel.
Made specifically for social, the video was a unique way to highlight Christen’s announcement by utilizing her last name as the perfect ideation springboard. Leaning into this idea of a “Press” conference, BioSteel was able to celebrate her addition to the roster with a concept that couldn’t be replicated for any other BioSteel athlete.

Transitioning from the “press conference,” we captured a year’s worth of content, in just a four-hour shoot day, featuring Christen Press in her element: showcasing her real effort and real talent to underscore the real difference of BioSteel. The work is part of a larger organic strategy to leverage BioSteel’s marquee-sponsored athletes to help the brand create a best-in-class social presence that drives brand awareness and relevance in a way that is unique to BioSteel.
“By capturing footage of Christen in a variety of training and playing contexts, we were able to create a library of conceptually driven assets in the edit that align with BioSteel’s social pillars,” said Scott Ellman, Copywriter at The Many. “Once created, the conventions that we developed for Christen can now be used with footage of BioSteel’s other sponsored athletes in order to cultivate brand equity through content that resonates with next-generation athletes,” added Rik Patenaude, Art Director at The Many.
Head to BioSteel’s Instagram to join in on the celebration, watch the press conference and see a sneak peek of what’s to come from BioSteel and Christen Press.

BioSteel Hydrates the Court, Ice and Field with Next-Gen Athletes Patrick Mahomes, Luka Dončić and More

Ty Gates | Jun. 29 2021

In our first national spot for BioSteel, we hit the court, ice and field with next-generation athletes Patrick Mahomes, Christen Press, Luka Dončić, Conor McDavid, Ezekiel Elliot, Deandre Hopkins, Jalen Ramsey, and Gleyber Torres to capture how they stay hydrated while they train.
“When it comes to BioSteel’s roster of athletes, they’re much more than superstars. These are generational talents, each redefining their respective sports,” stated Josh Paialli, Creative Director, The Many. “When our audience sees Clean. Healthy. Hydration. and the athletes who stand by it, we want them to see BioSteel in the same way — next-generation hydration, here to change the game forever.”
The fast-paced spot features some of the world’s top professional athletes as they train with BioSteel fueling their workouts. With zero sugar and essential electrolytes, it is a no-brainer why these athletes are on Team BioSteel. In order to be the best, you need to keep your body fueled with the best.
The spot was produced by Plus Plus, our sister agency and multi-service production company, and directed by executive producer Trevor Paperny.
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eBay Unboxes Sneaker Culture in ‘All for Kicks’ Campaign

Ty Gates | Jun. 10 2021

When you venture deeper into the sneaker community, you discover that sneakerheads take their devotion to a whole new level—from licking the soles of a brand new pair, sniffing the sole inserts, or going to extreme measures to avoid a crease or scuff. Sneakerheads do the craziest things for their kicks.
“All for Kicks,” eBay’s new content series created in partnership with The Many, is a series of seven short films that showcase hyperreal sneakerhead moments. Directed by Ariel Fisher of Tuff Contender, all seven shorts bring attention to buying, selling, and wearing truths amongst the sneaker community. The campaign launched on June 8, 2021, with the first short film “Sniff.” The remaining six shorts will go live on a once per week cadence concluding with “Grandma” on July 21, 2021.
“Sneakerhead culture is massive, and in that culture, there are innumerable niches, quirks, personalities, and interests,” Evan Chiplock, senior copywriter, The Many. “We found that most of those had been left by the wayside in order to celebrate the culture as a whole. To us, the real celebration happens when you dig deep on what makes Sneakerheads tick. What makes them unique. eBay understands those things, and we’re excited to bring them to the forefront with this campaign.”
eBay is the originator and one of the largest marketplaces for browsing, buying, and selling sneakers, which is why eBay and The Many are mirroring that shared affinity back at people to show that they’ve always been in the sneaker game. The campaign takes a humorous twist by watching a dad taste his shoe instead of enjoying breakfast with family or a grandma running her sneaker game from the comfort of her recliner chair.
“This work reflects months of close collaboration with the eBay team, and we’re proud to share the results of that strategic and creative partnership”, said John Line, group brand director, The Many. “This represents a core piece of our efforts to forge meaningful connections with enthusiast audiences across multiple eBay verticals.” 
The sneaker community will be able to view all seven shorts on the @ebaysneakers Instagram account.
Since the start of the relationship this past January, eBay and The Many have crafted a portfolio of work that spotlights some of eBay’s most celebrated products with the launch of the brand’s first-ever product-focused social channels dedicated to specific verticals—@ebaywatches and @ebaysneakers. Combined, these social handles develop the category leader’s voice across social and offer watch and sneaker enthusiasts the opportunity to dive deeper into the unique languages and cultures of collecting and cultivating their most beloved possessions, and the moments, people, and history that make the process of buying and selling on eBay a one-of-a-kind experience.
“With ‘All for Kicks,’ we’re putting sneakerhead passions on a pedestal to demonstrate eBay’s long history as the go-to place for the latest in sneaker culture,” said Mars Milisic, associate creative director, The Many. “Plus, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching a man taste his shoe over ten times for breakfast.”
Previous work from eBay and The Many includes: 

Check out the work in Ad Age and Little Black Book.


Client: eBay
Head of Social Media Marketing, North America, Jen Haley
Director of Creative and Social, Maryann Bell
Associate Creative Director, Social Media, Nina Louie
Director, Marketing and Creative Operations, Kira Moller
Sr. Manager Paid Social Strategy, Craig Weinberg
Sr. Manager Digital & Social Media Communications, Briana Gardner
Sneakers Social Lead, Ryan Corpuz
Senior Communication Strategist, Emilie Furda
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Director, Founder, Blake Marquis
Associate Creative Director, Mars Milisic
Associate Creative Director, Kalee Abella
Senior Copywriter, Evan Chiplock
Senior Art Director, Cameron Bell
Senior Art Director, Erika Leiva
Head of Production, Dave Horowitz
Senior Producer, Morgan Menco
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Amber Adoue
Senior Brand Director, Rediate Tekeste
Associate Brand Director, Emily Risher
Director of Project Management, Iman Forde
Senior Project Manager, Jonathan Hermes
Production Company: Tuff Contender
Director, Ariel Fisher
Executive Producer, Max Rose
Executive Producer, DJay Brawner
Producer, Davey Johnson
Director of Photography, Ben Carey
Production Designer, Briana Gonzalez
1st AD, Sam Shapson

Nestlé Toll House is Delivering On-Demand Freshly Baked Cookies in Washington D.C.

Ty Gates | May. 13 2021

Nestlé Toll House has been doing something unique in Washington, D.C. – piloting freshly baked cookies delivered to residents. Yes, you read that right. Those delicious cookies enticingly packaged in the vibrant yellow wrapping that catch your attention at the grocery store are being freshly baked every day and delivered to folks in D.C.
The pilot has been successful, and now, Nestlé Toll House is making freshly baked cookies an on-demand experience in the nation’s capital. As everyone makes their way outside this spring, Nestlé Toll House wants D.C. to be able to enjoy freshly baked cookies at home or at select delivery spots via a quick QR code scan.
For two weeks, Nestlé Toll House cookie lovers in D.C. will be able to engage with guerilla placements (wild postings, stickers, posters, drink coasters, etc.) featuring the well-known Nestlé Toll House branded yellow. As a result, neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. have turned into on-demand delivery sites for Nestlé Toll House cookies. Areas around the White House and Capitol Hill, East D.C., Howard University, and Petworth and Brightwood neighborhoods will have Nestlé Toll House wild postings.
The cookies are freshly baked every day in a local D.C. kitchen by the Nestlé Toll House team of bakers and delivered through delivery platforms UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates.

An on-demand activation of this caliber challenges consumers to rethink their accessibility to Nestlé Toll House, a brand whose history includes the invention of the chocolate chip cookie itself. Through the ongoing Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery and this local activation, Nestlé Toll House has turned a page and stepped into the lifestyle arena by meeting consumers where they are as they live.
“On-demand delivery is more relevant than ever as consumers expect and deserve immediate access to their favorite treats,” said Stephen Dysart, Brand Strategy Manager at Nestlé. “Nestlé Toll House, the brand behind the original chocolate chip cookie, continues to innovate by providing the ultimate convenience of freshly baked cookies delivered on-demand to your doorstep. We’re energized by the positive feedback from D.C. cookie fans so far and excited to continue building the best cookie delivery experience.”
The activation also includes a chance to win the value of a year’s worth of free delivered cookies. The Nestlé Toll House Cookie Hunt Sweepstakes (#CookieHuntDC) will give residents of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia the opportunity to enter through the Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery site. Entrants can also scan a QR code on any of the placements around the city to be directed to the entry form. For those that may miss out on this activation, rest assured that the Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery will continue to operate indefinitely in Washington, D.C.
“Everyone thinks of Toll House cookies as something you bake at home,” stated Frank Garguilo, senior art director, and Noah Sacksteder, senior copywriter, at The Many. “With a quick scan of a QR code, the when and where you can enjoy freshly baked Toll House treats isn’t confined to your home. The Many is helping Nestlé Toll House tap into that possibility in an unexpected and hyper-localized way.”
While Washington, D.C. has been the incubator for the Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery, the brand plans to bring the offering to other major markets throughout the country. Freshly baked cookies delivered to you are coming!
Catch the news at Campaign US, Eater DC and Little Black Book.

Los Angeles is starting its comeback

Amanda Cosindas | Apr. 15 2021

By safely reopening museums, indoor dining, theme parks, outdoor live events and more. Now, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board hopes to inspire lovers of L.A. to start their comeback, whenever they are ready. 
A double entendre, the comeback story is a nod to the challenges the destination has faced over the past year, while acknowledging the overflowing optimism for the future – with the campaign’s creative aiming to inspire visitors to come back to L.A. “L.A. is the place for visitors to come back to those moments of spontaneity, joy, romance, relaxation and more that were missed,” stated Don Skeoch, Chief Marketing Officer for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. 
It was important to create a campaign that presented an authentic Los Angeles experience, which is why real Angelenos who are representative of L.A.’s diverse and inclusive fabric were hand selected to be featured in this spot.
“We love being able to champion our city and give everyone a glimpse of some of its most treasured places after so long—there is so much beauty to highlight making Los Angeles an enticing place to visit,” said Dave Horowitz, Managing Director at Plus Plus, our sister agency and multi-service production company.


eBay and Artist Mike Perry Launch Interactive Art Experience on Instagram

Amanda Cosindas | Apr. 8 2021

We’re excited to share eBay’s new collaboration with Brooklyn-based, Emmy-Award winning artist, Mike Perry
The collaboration, part of a multi-channel approach to draw followers to the new @ebaysneakers Instagram and Twitter handles, kicked off this week with an interactive art experience titled “The Sneaker Hunt” – an art piece that celebrates the process of finding, bidding on, and eventually copping the perfect pair of kicks. The collaboration includes a sweepstakes for fans that kicks off today, April 8, 2021.
Perry, an artist known for his bright and beautifully busy designs, was the perfect fit for the project for his ability to grab eyeballs and engage sneakerheads visually. His vibrant work brings the chaos of hunting down “a grail” to life in a new, expressive way by hiding sneakers throughout each piece of art. For a chance to win, fans simply need to find all of the sneakers and direct message the total number found.  
“His collage style art went hand-in-hand with our concept of creating an ‘I spy the sneakers’ game,” said Mars Milisic and Kalee Abella, Associate Creative Directors at The Many. “Mike also believes in what eBay stands for. As a fan, he likes to buy and sell on eBay so as to not clutter the world with more things, but to hunt for unique treasures that are already out there.”
eBay and the team at The Many worked alongside Perry to build a sweepstakes that will see 21 lucky winners walking away with gift cards, grail sneakers, and even limited edition prints from Perry himself. 
To win prizes, sneakerheads simply have to hunt for unique treasures themselves, finding all the kicks hidden throughout the sprawling design and DM-ing the new @ebaysneakers handle with the correct number. Not only are the imaginative illustrations full of a mix of the most iconic sneaker styles, they also include details unique to sneaker culture, intentionally added to keep sneakerheads hunting. 
The Sneaker Hunt is not the only chance for sneakerheads to win, however. 
To give back to the community, and the planet, limited edition Earth Day sneakers will go up for auction on Earth Day, April 22, 2021. Featuring custom designs from Perry, the one-of-a-kind sneakers will be put up for auction on eBay, where sneaker and nature lovers will be able to place their winning bids until the end of the month. All proceeds from the auction will go to Soles4Souls, a non-profit focused on turning unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity by keeping them from going to waste and putting them to good use.
“The Sneaker Hunt” and @ebaysneakers comes following the launch of the brand’s first-ever product-focused social handle, @ebaywatches—Instagram dedicated exclusively to watch lovers. The launch was celebrated alongside Valentine’s Day with a sultry one-minute film noir shot in the heart of Mexico City, “A Timeless Love Affair.”

Budget Blinds Spot Breaks Free From Category Monotony with a Colorful Spin on Hit Song “Little Boxes”

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 30 2021

Home is more unique to you than anything else in the world. Which is why Budget Blinds believes that personal space should feel personal. 
But categorically and culturally, home decor is often treated as anything but personal. The world of window treatments can be awash in a sea of sameness—perfectly-posed vendor stock assets and monotonous nomenclature. But Budget Blinds’ latest spot, “More Than A Box,” by The Many, challenges the status quo while proving that their individualized service, that covers far more than blinds, is anything but same-old-same-old. 
In “More Than A Box,” Budget Blinds’ unique variety of custom window treatments become much more than beautiful set dressings. Working hand in hand with Budget Blinds EVP, Product Development and Strategy, Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds and The Many elevate windows into a starring role as the main character in each individual’s story, telling a vibrant, quirky, expressive and fun tale about the special moments and sense of relief that only happens at home.
 “Budget Blinds is known for style and service for every budget, and this campaign helps truly illustrate that not only do we appreciate our customers’ style, but we partner with them to help bring it to life through beautiful, customized window coverings,” said Heather Cates, Senior Brand Director, Budget Blinds. 
“Colloquially put, even though it’s got four walls and holds all of your things, your house is so much more than a box,” said Ashley Milhollin, Associate Creative Director at The Many. “For our creative approach, we didn’t want to just set our story in a beautiful home, we wanted the decor to telegraph a story about the lives of the people inside.” 
Musically, the spot takes a song made famous for its political mockery of suburban conformism, “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds, and turns it on its head to celebrate the idea that within four walls, everyone has an opportunity to celebrate their individualism. Re-recorded by sibling duo Beth Lowen and Sam Lowen, the track transforms the song’s familiar line, “And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same,” to “And they’re all made fully customized, none will ever look the same.” Alongside the spot, Budget Blinds subtly challenges the notion that people have to live—or decorate—just the same.  
Tomorrow director Drew Kirsch was carefully selected to call the shots for his dynamic background directing both ad campaigns and music videos that are effervescent and colorful for the likes of Lennon Stella, John Legend, Rüfüs Du Sol and Taylor Swift including the pop star’s “You Need to Calm Down,” a showcase of retro-inspired diversity. Kirsch’s musicality and visual execution bring each home to life as characters in their own right. 
The campaign debuted March 29, 2021, and includes a :60 spot with :30, :15 and :06 across connected TV, digital video, social, streaming audio and podcasts. Last Fall, Budget Blinds released “Safety First,” a hilarious ad by The Many for its child-safe blinds and shades in honor of National Window Covering Safety Month. The spot features a child wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape head-to-toe, sporting safety goggles and a helmet while standing in her living room ready for her next adventure.
See the story also in Little Black Book.


BioSteel Uses GIPHY to Triumph Over The Big Game

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 19 2021

During the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, millions would be tweeting and posting about star QB Patrick Mahomes. But without a spot in the big game, how could sports hydration brand BioSteel, relatively new to the U.S. market, make a big impact and celebrate the fact that their very own sponsored athlete would be playing on the world’s biggest sports stage? It was time to think outside of an ad.
In just 36 hours after asking ourselves that question, we quickly turned around over a dozen Patrick Mahomes GIFs using only existing BioSteel photo assets and all of zero paid media dollars. By sharing them on GIPHY, they could be easily searched and added to any social post during the big game. We planned for long passes, TDs, bad calls, and more. 
The outcome? More than we could have expected! After hitting BioSteel’s GIPHY page Saturday morning, which at the time had approximately 2,500 total views, one of the over dozen GIFs popped up on GIPHY’s trending page Super Bowl Sunday Morning where it stayed all day and all game long. 
“The moment we saw KC was heading to the SB, we knew we had to act,” said Josh Paialii, Creative Director at The Many. “GIFs are the last thing you want to over think creatively. BioSteel’s branding is minimalistic, while celebrating what makes their athletes and product so different. Knowing anyone seeing these GIFs might be introduced to the brand for the very first time (and in a very short experience), we wanted to own that BioSteel red and make the brand as contextually relevant as possible.”
By the end of the Super Bowl, BioSteel’s GIFs had generated 10+ million brand views. From concept and art direction, to animation and posting, we helped generate tens of millions of BioSteel impressions in just over one day. Trending on GIPHY and showing up on millions of screens? Without a sponsorship or spot in the big game, it was a creative, cost-effective way to be part of the social conversation with a best case scenario outcome.