A Many Queerated Playlist

Ty Gates | Jun. 30 2021

This Pride Month, our LGBTQIA+ crew has dropped the most epic and perfect queerated collaborative playlist on Spotify. From leave-it-all-on-the-dance-floor-bops to crying-on-the-bathroom-floor-heart-stabbers, this ever-evolving collection of songs are our way of sharing our Pride with you every day of the year.
Head over to our Spotify to enjoy the tunes and don’t worry, we’ll keep adding to this.

The Many Hires 19 Creatives Catching its Biggest Wave Yet

Ty Gates | Jun. 16 2021

Summer is here and so is The Many! Following Amber Justis joining the agency as Head of Creative in March 2021, The Many has expanded its creative team by 19 new faces including Creative Directors Pam Fujimoto, Adam Flanagan and Curtis Petraglia. (They’ve even created the longest longboard just to fit everyone in!)
The move brings The Many to over 100 team members, its largest since the agency was founded twelve years ago.
Led by Justis (who was recently named one of Adweek’s Creative 100) and joining the agency’s veteran Creative Director Josh Paialii, Fujimoto, Flanagan and Petraglia will further diversify the agency’s creative muscle while developing and mentoring this next generation of creatives. With tremendous growth and client wins over the past year, The Many’s hiring spree reinforces its commitment to developing and empowering its people so that continued personal and professional growth is synonymous with creating great work.
“It was an honor to be able to help The Many expand on something they’ve always been so great at—building a people-first culture,” said Amber Justis, Head of Creative at The Many. “Josh and these three new CDs are a dangerous bunch: Pam is a force multiplier that brings a level of mastery and insight to our craft, and a natural mentor which is essential to riding this growth spurt mindfully; Adam brings a totally zen approach to leadership—teams feel safe to experiment under his guidance and when that happens people can make the best work of their careers; and Curtis is a total renaissance maker—an art director, a film director, a photographer, and the list goes on—that creates work at such high fidelity, a real thing of beauty to witness. We’re so lucky to have these folks writing the next chapter with us.”

Fujimoto joins The Many following a just shy of two-years contract stint at Twitter, where she served as creative lead on Global Business Marketing and Diversity & Inclusion campaigns. Before Twitter, Fujimoto was the Executive Creative Director at WONGDOODY LA.

“Everyone has a drive, a passion, and an enthusiasm that I totally got on board with. Each individual is here to create great work and it’s embodied from the founders on down,” said Pam Fujimoto, Creative Director at The Many. “The positivity and the openness to trying new things, seeing where we can go from here and what we can do to improve will lead to great things.”
Flanagan joins from Los Angeles-based space.camp where he served as a Creative Director for the past two and half years. Prior to space.camp, Flanagan spent a year at Digital Kitchen in a Creative Director role.
“I’m really excited to fully immerse myself in the brands we’re working with while working alongside a group of extremely talented people,” stated Adam Flanagan, Creative Director at The Many. “Being able to understand these brands at a deeper level and fluently understand what they’re trying to say is going to result in some great work from our team.”
Petraglia joins from Deutsch LA where he served a handful of positions, most recently as Creative Director, during his six and half years with the agency.
“At its foundation, you feel that The Many cares and empathizes with its people and also the people we advertise to,” said Curtis Petraglia, Creative Director at The Many. “There’s a ton of momentum and autonomy here, and I was completely impressed with everyone I’ve met during the interview process, which made me certain this was the place for me.”
The additional 16 new hires include Cameron Twombly (Senior Art Director), Scott Menzie (Senior Copywriter), Jacque Vavroch (Associate Creative Director), Lisandro Ancewicz (Associate Creative Director), Savannah Bradford (Senior Art Director), Mason Douglass (Senior Copywriter), Harper Biewen (Art Director), Bryce Pangman (Copywriter), Michelle John (Art Director), Jameson Miller (Copywriter), Will Luck (Junior Copywriter), Rik Patenaude (Art Director), Scott Ellman (Copywriter), Chris Mendez (Associate Creative Director), Paz Molina (Associate Creative Director), and Miles Evans (Senior Copywriter).
Even with these recent new hires, The Many’s momentum continues. The agency currently has over 20 open positions across various departments. Its last hiring push was outsourced to talent on Cameo featuring the queen of bounce music Big Freedia, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and international drag queen Manila Luzon, among others, which proved effective in drawing applicants to the agency that turned into hires.
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Six Well-Deserved Promotions Across Creative, Media, Strategy, and Finance

Ty Gates | Jun. 3 2021

The Many have been riding a tremendous wave of success as we turned the corner into 2021—it’s still going! We’re all hands on deck with our teams stepping up to ensure we’re constantly putting our best work forward and continuing to challenge comfortable.
While we’ve made some big new hire announcements recently (Amber Justis as Head of Creative; Anne Halvorson and John Line as our first-ever Group Brand Directors; 19 incredible individuals across various departments), we also wouldn’t be where we are without the continuous hard work of our people who have been committed to this agency throughout some wild times. To that end, we’re beyond excited to announce six promotions across The Many. 
Join us in celebrating each one of them. We appreciate you all!

Carter Baker, from Media Supervisor, Programmatic and Social to Associate Director, Digital Media.
How long have you been at The Many? One year and 11 months.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
Besides the sunsets off PCH and office dogs, when I presented a dashboard for 36 minutes over Zoom only to find out my audio had cut out and the team covered – all while the person sharing their screen was scrolling at the exact right time – and no one messaged me.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
Continue to develop and expand the internal digital team and agency’s technical competencies.
What song best describes how you feel about your promotion?
“Fool in the Rain” – Led Zeppelin

Cameron Bell, from Art Director to Senior Art Director.
How long have you been at The Many? One year and eight months.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
Since I’ve started at The Many, my favorite memory was when I first laid eyes on our new office on the PCH. Stepping into that building felt a bit magical. You can smell the ocean and feel the breeze, and on top of that, it was filled with amazing people.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I want to keep making awesome creative work with my peers at The Many, and I want to continue to push our creative output to the next level. 
What song best describes how you feel about your promotion?
“So Fresh, So Clean” – Outkast

Lucy Campos, from Director of Accounting to Group Director, Finance and Business Affairs.
How long have you been at The Many? Almost four years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
Meeting Cooper, Jens’ dog – it was love at first sight!
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
Just to keep improving and growing with the agency – there is always room for improvement.
What song best describes how you feel about your promotion?
“Let’s Go Crazy” – Prince

Evan Chiplock, from Copywriter to Senior Copywriter.
How long have you been at The Many? Almost two years. 
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
It has to be the 2019-2020 Holiday Party – I was only a few months in and it’s the moment I realized that I freaking love these people. When it comes to vulnerability and bonding, nothing does the trick quite like participating in some painfully off-beat dancing with your coworkers. 
Also, there was a tarot reader who told me I was going to have a “night to remember” which felt more like an observation than a prediction, but hey, get your bag, girl. 
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I hope to keep doing what I’ve been doing – making fun, stupid, meaningful, crazy stuff with people that genuinely give their all to the work. 
What song best describes how you feel about your promotion?
“Own It” – Rico Nasty 

Kara Mullikin, from Associate Director of Strategy to Strategy Director.
How long have you been at The Many? Eight months already! 
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
I think it is a two-parter:

  1. A more recent one is having my creative counterparts (shout-out to my other promoted colleague, Evan Chiplock!) tell me how fun and exciting my briefs are! It’s a goal of mine to turn boring data and traditional strategies into exciting creative briefs with narratives that spark new thinking. 
  2. A second favorite memory is when Cabral (my boss) called me late one night, six months into my The Many journey, and said ‘you deserve this role and we want to recognize your work with it.’ Being recognized for the work you do is always amazing. 
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I want to continue bringing exciting angles into creative thinking. I also want to continue to blend the lines between how media and strategy collaborate so we can do wilder ads and placements with support from the media friends. I’m also looking forward to bringing new thinking into the agency and sparks of cultural relevance. Stay tuned.
What song best describes how you feel about your promotion?
“All Me” – Drake

Harriet Riley, from Senior Social Strategist to Director of Social Strategy.
How long have you been at The Many? 1 month shy of a year.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
Getting on Zoom with Blake the day I got promoted. I don’t think my cheeks have been so sore from smiling so much. With a big, fat, shit-eating grin on my face, we talked about it all – where Social Strategy at The Many could go and what it could mean for the work we all do. It did a hell of a lot more than just cement my adoration for my agency partners. It launched a new, creative, and energized runway that keeps me active and poppin’ off each and every day.  
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I am actively building out a team to help shape the future of how we guide our clients through the social landscape. For me, I hope to tap into each of my people’s superpowers and find those projects that make them revel in the unknown. Only here is where I believe we will push the boundaries of what brands on social media could or should be.
What song best describes how you feel about your promotion?
“Punching In A Dream” – The Naked and Famous

The Many is Reinventing Agency Work Culture to be a Better Fit for Humans

Ty Gates | May. 25 2021

As our industry continues to plan how they’re going to return to in-person work environments, we made the decision that we’re not going back to “how it was.” We decided now is the time to reinvent a new work culture that is a better fit for humans.
Since the mid 20th century, we’ve all subscribed to outdated conventional wisdom where we went to an office to work for the majority of our day then we all went home. We’ve been stuck in this social construct for far too long and now we have the opportunity to change this. COVID-19 was the mass disruption event needed to challenge conventional wisdom.
The Many is forging ahead and creating a new future for everyone by eliminating the workplace rules around where, when and how you show up to work.
In the words of our very own Todd Lombardo, “We are looking at our plan not as a return, but as moving ahead into a new phase of challenging conventional wisdom in order to reinvent work culture. Our team can work from wherever they like, and we also won’t be dictating hours when our teams will be working or must be in our HQ or a hub. We are pushing responsibility downwards to our talent and trusting them to make the best decisions for their own lives, their teams and their clients, in partnership with their manager.”
Learn more about our reinvention to agency work culture in this Adweek story detailing the ‘best of both worlds’ approach taking place.

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The Many Moms Get Real for Mother’s Day

Ty Gates | May. 9 2021

What would the world be without mothers? Let’s keep that as a rhetorical question.
No one knows how long it’ll be until we fully understand the consequences of, essentially, every aspect of life coming to a screeching stop as a result of the pandemic in 2020. But, the current studies indicate that our mothers were severely impacted. According to research conducted by the New York Times, the publication found that almost 1 million mothers left the workforce due to the pandemic and its impact.
After a tumultuous year, we at The Many dedicate this to all the mothers around the world: To the mothers that left the workforce to care for their children, we appreciate you and thank you. To the mothers that managed a job while also caring for their children, we appreciate you and thank you.
And to the incredible mothers that are a part of our team at The Many—Abby MacDonald, Amanda Cosindas, Amber Adoue, Amber Justis, Anne Halvorson, Georgiana Cocieru, Iman Forde, Nicole Fuhrman, Nicole King, Nicole Lombardo, Pam Fujimoto, Pamela Lloyd, Tori Matthews, Vanessa Shanahan, Yasmine Nozile—we appreciate you and thank you. We know the past year wasn’t an easy one, and you all hung in there with grace. OK, maybe there were some occasional meltdowns, but we are here for you!
We asked these women a few questions to get a glimpse into their perspectives this Mother’s Day. Some of their answers might make you a little uncomfortable, but real talk is how we play it here at The Many. 
We hope that all of you reading this will join us in echoing the moving words expressed by Kevin Durant during his heartfelt 2014 NBA MVP acceptance speech: “You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.”
Join in on the conversation via our Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The Many Introduces Our First-Ever Group Brand Directors - Anne Halvorson and John Line

Ty Gates | May. 4 2021

The Many continues to grow and we’re excited to welcome Anne Halvorson and John Line as the agency’s first-ever Group Brand Directors. The appointments come after we reorganized our existing brand team structure following a year of growth. Anne will remain based in Minneapolis, MN as John remains in Seattle, WA – a testament to our ongoing efforts to develop a location-agnostic team in order to hire the best talent anywhere in the world.
Anne and John will oversee and managing teams servicing our great client partners, including eBay, Bumble Bee Seafoods, BioSteel, Lululemon, and Nestlé’s portfolio of subsidiary brands, among others. The two will ensure strategies, creative ideas, and media plans are not only breakthrough but also lead to positive business results for our clients.
The Many’s Todd Lombardo, Managing Director overseeing the Brand team, sums up the appointment of Anne and John by stating, “We’re always open to fresh perspectives that challenge both our comfort and our clients. Anne and John have those in spades, which is why we wanted them on our team to move the world forward.”
Anne joins the agency from Minnesota-based Peterson Milla Hooks (PMH) where she served as Group Account Director for the past eight years. Prior to PMH, she spent 15 years at Wieden+Kennedy including being part of the team to open the W+K Shanghai office.
“The Many consists of ambitious and great people who are excited to be creating amazing work,” said Anne Halvorson. “The energy is contagious. There’s crazy momentum and justified pride here that will play a role in building something incredible together. As a plus, I get to remain working in Minneapolis!”
John joins The Many from Seattle-based Copacino Fujikado where he was a senior account director leading brand strategy and integrated campaigns for clients across healthcare, finance, and travel industries. Prior to Copacino Fujikado, he served as a group account director at VMLY&R.
“After meeting the entire team, I was genuinely impressed with everyone and resonated with the agency’s values,” said John. “I’m reassured to know that every single day the team will come to the table with challenging perspectives that lead to the best work. I’m looking forward to us delivering that work with excellence and exceeding expectations.”
Combined, Halvorson and Line bring over 35 years of experience that has provided them both with leadership abilities to help their teams build moments that position brands to win. Between the two, their previous client roster includes great brands such as Dell Technologies, Estée Lauder, JPMorgan Chase, Nike, Target, Converse, IKEA, Heineken and Walmart, among others.
The brand team expansion comes following the recent announcement of another new role for the agency, Amber Justis as Head of Creative. This past January, The Many also welcomed 19 new hires to the team, and recently called on talent like drag queen Manila Luzon, gymnast Gabby Reese, and 80s icon Boy George via Cameo to support its recruitment efforts with a number of open positions still remaining.
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The Many and a Few of Our Friends Want You to Join the Team

Ty Gates | Apr. 29 2021

What is better than The Many voices at our agency telling you that we’re hiring? The voices of a few really great people, that you may be a fan of, also telling you that we’re hiring.
It takes time to find exactly who we’re looking for to join the team. Given the industry we’re in, sometimes extra time is hard to find.
So, we decided to outsource our hiring announcement by creating a short video series with a few incredible people. Yes, The Many hired talent to help us hire talent. The reach of these individuals is so far and wide that it should catch the attention of those looking for their next agency home.

So far this year we’ve hired 30 new people, but we still have close to 20 more open positions. We’re virtual-first, while maintaining our physical offices in Los Angeles and Boston, so people from anywhere can work for us.
We’re looking for passionate contributors to help us continue to move the world forward. People who stand by their values and who are up for the challenge. Does that sound like you? Email us at careers@themany.com after you check out our available positions here.
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The Many Adds Justis to its Creative Process, Amber Justis in New Role as Head of Creative

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 1 2021

The Many is excited to welcome Amber Justis as Head of Creative, a newly minted position following a year of unprecedented growth.
Justis steps into the role to oversee the Creative and Design departments, furthering the our expansion by investing in our most potent resource—people. With over 15 new business wins in the last year, Justis will be charged with not only continuing to push The Many’s core intent—to find creative ways to challenge what’s comfortable, allowing brands to move from inertia to progress—but also expand our ability to adapt effectively to an increasingly complex world.
The last year brought forth no shortage of opportunities to find out what “challenging comfortable” could unlock when tested, both for brands and The Many itself. Battling a pandemic, civil unrest and the reformation of an industry facing a long-overdue reckoning, we placed an even greater emphasis on our holistic approach to leadership, actionable allyship and a people-first creative culture. Justis sums it up by saying, “Every member of this unique collective of storytellers locked arms as a team and made work that was impossible to ignore.” 
“This radically independent group really gives a damn, not just about the fidelity of the work, but also the integrity by which that work is built,” Justis continues. “This team respects each other as complex beings, they speak plainly and transparently across all levels of the agency and, frankly, they deserve it. I’m here to be of service to that mission and advance this philosophy across the creative and design departments.”
As a result of The Many’s well-thought-out path to success in 2020, some incredible brands have taken notice. Our new client list includes Panda Express, eBay, Bumble Bee Seafoods, Budget Blinds, and Sweet Earth, along with a few that still remain top secret. 
Justis brings over 23 years of experience as a creative thought-leader, a longtime advocate for advancing DEI in the workplace and a hybrid skill set that’s led her to shops like BBDO, FCB and Giant Spoon, as well as in-house roles with The Wonderful Agency and Facebook. Her work to support the evolution of Barbie’s body, “Imagine the Possibilities,” helped redefine Mattel’s place in pop culture and took Amber’s passion for representation to a global stage. Justis’ previous client list also includes EA, Disney, Pom Wonderful, Intel, Teleflora, Fiji Water, Ultimate Ears and Comedy Central.
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Welcome Many Times: Say Hi to 19 New Hires

Amanda Cosindas | Jan. 4 2021

Happy New Year! With many new clients in the mix, (including Panda Express, eBay, Budget Blinds, Outshine and more!) we ended 2020 having welcomed 19 new team members to further integration, enhancing our ability to solve business challenges. 
But it was about more than just staffing up, 2020 was an opportunity to define our virtual work environment, invest in digitizing our practice, and hire the best talent regardless of location as we adapted to a new way of working amidst a global pandemic. 
“We now have total freedom to hire from anywhere,” says Amir Haque, Partner, Business Strategy and Growth. “People and teams had become more productive — in many respects — virtually, and as a result, the order of priority for how we hire has shifted. We used to hire based on experience, then location, then values, but we’ve been able to shift location to the bottom of that list, bringing experience and talent higher up the ladder.”
And now, while we still have our homes on the PCH and in Boston, we’re also now all over the world—Los Angeles, New York, Massachusetts, Portland, Seattle, Peru, Canada and Australia—which has dramatically expanded our talent pool and helped us achieve greater diversity.
Last year, we committed to change with diversity organization 600 & Rising—an agreement to not only improve, but to remain transparent. Since, we have increased diversity related to race and ethnic descent up to 40% (an overall increase of 5%) and the women now outnumber the men 55.6% to 44.4%.
You can dive deeper into our new hiring process in this story with MediaPost. But first, join us in saying hit to all of our new faces!


Project Management:
Design + Creative:

Celebrating Eight Promotions Across Design, Creative, Brand, Project Management and Operations

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 30 2020

Twenty Twenty sure has been a rollercoaster of a year for all of us. It’s required adjusting to a new way of working, challenging all that is comfortable, and confirming an unwavering commitment to our clients and each other. 
Yet throughout this wild ride, our team has continuously risen to every challenge, going above and beyond their day-to-day roles to help us end this year thriving. And to that end, we are stoked to announce not one, not two, but EIGHT promotions across The Many, and we invite you to celebrate each one of them with us! In order of appearance…

Jorge Andrade, from Associate Director of Design to Director of Design.
How long have you been working at The Many? Six and a half years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? I’ve been at The Many for such a long time and have seen it grow, evolve and transform over the years, from a project-based to fully-integrated agency. My greatest memory will always be my first step into the agency. As a fledgling designer, I felt like the smallest fish in the biggest pond. The world was my oyster and growth was limitless. As soon as I arrived, I knew The Many thrived not only on its culture, but through its talent; our people inspire me everyday.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role? I want to continue to scale and mentor our design team as we partner with new clients and organically grow existing ones. We are also taking RFPs from outside the agency-client roster to further establish our expertise and cross-department integration. The Many was started with the pursuit of creating meaningful design, and to leverage all the expertise that an agency possesses, we make informed decisions based on strategic research, analytics from media results, and big creative ideas, rather than simply from a subjective design eye—and I plan to keep pushing that vision forward. 

Maria Favela, from Motion Graphics Designer to Senior Motion Graphics Designer. 
How long have you been working at The Many? Two years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? There are so many favorite memories to choose from, from bonding over late night work sessions to casual happy hours. But I have to say, the first day I walked into the old office during the Mistress days, and remembering how excited I was to be part of a great group of people, definitely stands out as one of the best.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
To grow as a leader and keep pushing the Motion team forward.

Svetlana Kornilova, from Senior Project Manager to Associate Director, Project Management. 
How long have you been working at The Many? Two years. 
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
My favorite moment was around a magical Christmas, and we were working on Social for a very fun project with Santa that had to go live just before he was leaving to make his Christmas Eve journey—the timeline was very precious. But as I was packaging the approved files, I noticed a typo in the animation!!!! OMG! Santa had left the building and the post was going live at 7am. So I made some calls, and the only person who wasn’t already slumbering, waiting for Santa, was a copywriter. So I picked her up and we went back to the office to fix the typo. Imagine a copywriter and project manager fixing animation! But combining our knowledge of After Effects and some Googling and YouTube tutorials, we made it and met the deadline. This is one of my favorite things about The Many, people are up for the challenge, passionate, and feel responsible for the full project and never say, “It’s not my job.” ❤️
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I want to make The Many famous for its strong Account/Project Management team so that when people hear that you’re a Project Manager at The Many, it’s a guarantee of quality and an exceptional learning experience.

Miguel Lopez, from Junior Accountant to Accountant. 
How long have you been working at The Many? One year and three months.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? My fondest memory would have to be when it all started—my very first day at The Many. Right off the bat, I could see that this place was special. The energy in the building formed feelings of enthusiasm, happiness, and I could generally tell that every individual here oozed brilliance in their respective field. Honestly, I was intimidated because I didn’t think I could measure up, and assumed I might come across a bunch of individuals with egos. To my surprise, everyone ended up being so humble, warm, lovely, and kind-hearted! Those feelings quickly went away and I automatically felt like I was always a part of the family! My first day, also coincidentally ended up being karaoke night and I got the rare opportunity to witness the partners sing their hearts out to all kinds of music and the likes of Biggie Smalls, Sublime, and Queen. After that, I knew I had found my home! 
What would you like to accomplish in this new role? In my new role, I will help streamline our procedures and become more robust in my knowledge of our financial forecasting functionality. I want to continue to become a full-fledged financial liaison between our underlying subsidiaries, our Brand, Media, and Production departments. I hope to master what I’ve learned from my mentors and eventually pass down my knowledge to all of our future juniors.

Conner Needham, from Social Innovation Associate to Junior Art Director.
How long have you been working at The Many? Two and a half years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? This is such a hard question to answer! The agency culture is beyond amazing, especially around the holidays. But alas, I have to choose—I loooove Halloween, so I would have to say seeing how the agency goes all out for this one, in particular, is quite the sight to behold. Taking client calls in costumes is the best thing in the world. Last year, I won “best costume” for staying in character ALL DAY with my rendition of the “Mother Of The Year, Karen!” I’ve even brought her out a few times in quarantine to lighten the mood. At the time, I didn’t realize how much attention Karen would be getting in 2020.
What do you hope to accomplish in your new role? In my new role, I want to continue to push boundaries creatively and make some badass, award-winning work!

Madison Merhoff, from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager. 
How long have you been working at The Many? Two years and three months.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
There are way too many favorite moments to pick just one! But it’s the everyday moments that I love. Looking down from the loft at the old office and seeing everyone lined up for our weekly catered lunch where everyone is smiling and chatting, or coming in on Halloween and hysterically laughing at costumes of “Old Town Road” or the infamous “Amir and the Projector” meme…those are the memories that stand out to me. It’s all of the little things that bring everyone together that make us The Many.   
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
In my new role, I’d love the opportunity to manage a Project Coordinator. I have such memorable experiences learning from all of my previous mentors, and I hope to pass on valuable knowledge and help set them up for success!

Kylie Wu, from Brand Director to Senior Brand Director.
How long have you been working at The Many? Five and a half years. 
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? I have so many fond memories to choose from, but walking into our new office on the Pacific Coast Highway for the first time felt like it was the first day of school. Seeing how excited everyone was and feeling so proud of the journey we’ve all been on to get to this next stage was definitely a special moment. 
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I look forward to continuing to lead our teams forward in creating amazing work that we and our clients can be proud to be a part of.

McKenna Petri, from Media Planner to Senior Media Planner. 
How long have you been working at The Many? One year and one month.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? 
My favorite memory is my first week in the new office! It was so much fun exploring the new space, trying out all the new spots to work (cafe, library, outside), and taking in the gorgeous views and sunsets.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I have been incredibly lucky to work with amazing managers and mentors to get to where I am now. In my new position, I am hoping to refine my team management skills so that I can be as great a manager or mentor to someone else.