Bringing Imagination to Life with YouTube Kids

Blake Marquis | Nov. 5 2021

The sky’s the limit when it comes to a child’s imagination. Together with YouTube Kids, we see the world through the eyes of a child in the film, “Shiny Robot,” directed by Max Malkin of PrettyBird.
“Shiny Robot” follows a young boy who, after watching a video on Youtube Kids about robots and the scientists who build them (aka roboticists) is inspired to create one of his own.
Unlike many films with a child protagonist, this story doesn’t over-index on the sweet and expected. Instead, it celebrates a modern and authentic reflection of family life. Family all play support–not starring–roles in our child’s story where imagination meets real life.
From initial tinkering and creating the robot’s first appendage to finally presenting a stunningly life-like robot to his family—it even greets his sister—the spot highlights how YouTube Kids is a source of inspiration and an asset in the parenting toolbox that can result in wonderful real-world outcomes. (Even when they’re a little surprising!)
A child’s imagination is truly a remarkable thing. Whether you’re a parent or just fondly looking back at your own creative adventures in childhood, experience nostalgia in “Shiny Robot” below. (And be sure to root for a kid in your life to keep on imagining!)

Client: YouTube 
Agency: The Many
Production Company: Pretty Bird
Director: Max Malkin
Editorial: Whitehouse
Editor: Heidi Black
VFX: The Mill