Dave Horowitz’s Short Film Selected for NiteHawk Shorts Festival

Blake Marquis | Mar. 3 2022

A big round of applause to Dave Horowitz, Head of Production, as his short film, David Bowie Is — An Evening with Mick Rock At The Brooklyn Museum, was selected for this year’s NiteHawk Shorts Festival.
What started as an adventurous meeting at a hotel twenty plus years ago while Dave was playing a string of U.K. shows with The Cloud Room, led to Dave hanging out with Mick Rock for hours as he captured content for the short film.
Dave’s 12-minute homage gives viewers a glimpse into what he got out of the experience of hanging out with Mick Rock: “a glimpse into a special man who was, put simply — really f****** cool.”
Check out Dave’s article on Talkhouse about his short film.

Dave Horowitz is the Head of Production at The Many