eBay Watches Sellers’ Club Focuses on Women in the Watch Industry

Blake Marquis | May. 31 2022

Episode 2 of Sellers’ Club for @ebaywatches is here, and this time, its focus is on women in the watch industry. 
For decades, the watch industry has been dominated by men. From gender classification to advertising campaigns, women’s voices are rarely called upon in the world of watches. But the tide of change is upon us, and that time is now.
“Getting to highlight a strong cast of women who are paving the way in the watch world was amazing,” said Mars Milisic, Creative Director at The Many. “Not only did they bring some of the most interesting timepieces to talk about, but their passion and credibility shined. Watch out, watch world, the ladies are here to make waves.” 

The second installment in the series features women from two of eBay’s top-selling luxury watch storefronts and one prominent watch collector from across the globe — Caroline Kallman Joffe of @watchbox, Viktoriia Kholevchuk of @chronostorenyc, and Misha Daud, also known as @watch_fashionista. In the just over five-minute short film, the trio discusses and shares some of the world’s most unique timepieces across four segments — Conversation Starter, Rule Breaker, The Big Flex and Future Forward. As they exquisitely draw viewers in with their knowledge of luxury watches, the women introduce what makes their love for watches so special, sharing with viewers their favorites including a rare Rolex ‘Khanjar’ Day-Date from Oman and a cosmic H. Moser & Cie x MB&F Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon.

“We’re excited to build on the success of Sellers’ Club Episode 1 by pushing the boundaries and leading conversations that don’t often get prioritized in the watch industry,” said Emily Hambleton, Associate Brand Director at The Many. “This has been a common theme across our work with eBay on their watches content so far: opening the dialogue for underrepresented groups in the space.”
The Sellers’ Club series celebrates the intrigue of getting into high-end timepieces as a hobby, or a business. These timepieces are an obsession, each one with its own story. The rich history, intricate mechanical movements, and unparalleled craftsmanship make high-end watches a lifelong passion; one that demands deep, detailed, intensive discussion. If anyone is equipped to create an analog of a watch club, it’s eBay; the marketplace where collectors have been convening for over a quarter of a century.
Segments of eBay Sellers’ Club Episode 2 will launch on May 31; airing in :30 second clips across paid social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while the five-minute short film will be hosted on @eBaywatches Instagram and eBay’s YouTube page.