Unlocking the Creative Potential in Paid Social for Social Media Week's Virtual Conference

Kristin "KB" Busk | May. 15 2020

Tomorrow we’ll be participating in Social Media Week’s first-ever virtual conference, #SMWONE. We’re excited to return this year to host a panel — Breaking Ads: Unlocking the Creative Potential in Paid Social. As Director of Social Innovation here at The Many, I’ll be your co-host, along with our Media Director, Alex Barnes. (Alex and I also share a birthday, and more or less, are the same person.)
In addition to having a lot of fun, our goal is to challenge the entire industry to step out of the traditional day-to-day marketing mindset and expand the definition of the paid social ad unit. Joining us will be Sam Christie, West Coast Lead, Global Business Solutions at TikTok US, Tuck Ross, SVP Marketing at CareCredit, and Rob Schlissel, Marketing and Partnerships Senior Director and Senior Producer at Shorty Awards. 
Here’s a peek at what our session is all about, and if you’d like to join us, go here, click the button to attend and enter the promo code SMWKB1speaker at checkout for 20% off!

You’ve been briefed in on the media plan and you’re off to start creative for your paid social posts. You’re sticking to best practices and creating your messaging hierarchy. You’ve featured the product, but only just enough. Your brand name is highlighted in the first five seconds of your ad, there’s a hint of lifestyle and a dash of tagline. You’ve followed the traditional steps to fit into the paid media mold depending on where you are in the funnel. But the question remains, did you tap into all of the magical possibilities that exist in social to make paid ads that break through and deliver value?
As marketers, it’s up to us to use each platform for its unique strengths and make ads that resonate in crowded feeds. With media consumption changing on the heels of COVID-19, paid social will continue growing to become more integrated into the human experience. And especially now, it should be just as aspirational, reassuring and entertaining as any other form of content.
In this session, we’ll analyze the paid social formula and discuss how to create an innovative new playbook infused with the creative edge that marketers and consumers crave. We’ll hear directly from the people who are throwing traditional practices out the window to set new, adventurous and innovative platform-specific standards. 
Tune in at 3:00PM PST tomorrow for more!