Staying Creative While Working From Home

Amanda Cosindas | Apr. 2 2020

We are doing our part at The Many to “flatten the curve” in the fight against COVID-19 by working from home. While going to the office isn’t essential right now, creativity is. But some say working from home is good for productivity, not for creativity. As an agency full of creative humans, we say, nonsense.
In fact, creative director Josh Paialii says he’s up for the challenge, and that sometimes the best creativity can even happen in solitude. He’s done it before throughout his freelance years and while working remotely between The Many’s L.A. and Boston offices. According to Josh, some basics always hold true for staying both creative and productive. The caveat? It doesn’t always come easy at first, so remember to keep your optimism up.
Keep your morning routine:
Wake up, get dressed. Take the dog out at the same time as usual. Go for a run at the same time. Don’t change the way you start your day. It makes a difference.
Work your schedule:
Figure out when you do your best work, and block your calendar to prioritize your craft. Then schedule your calls and Hangouts around that. But don’t forget to stay connected to your team—video/FaceTime even if you don’t have to, even more important at a time like this.
Trade in “cooler time”:
There’s a fair amount of time spent at the office not really working, chatting around the coffee pot or in hallways. And that takes time and energy. Add that up and give yourself some quality time at home in exchange. Tuning in can be primetime for creative exploration—read, watch documentaries or rob banks in Red Dead Redemption 2. Sometimes that’s when you’ll do your best thinking.
Get back to basics:
Put the computer away and change your location. Write with a pen and paper. Get a whiteboard. Concept with and without the screen. You might like working from your patio that much more.
With all that said, it’s important to keep our spirits up. One of our agency values is really working for us right now—optimism wins. Because when things are outside of our control, the optimistic path is the way to go.
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