‘Thank a Queen’ is Serving Looks for One Show and Shorty Awards

Blake Marquis | Apr. 15 2020

We watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and we love it! And apparently the One Show and Shorty Awards judges love it too! Our campaign with Merriam-Webster, Thank a Queen, has made it on the short list for LGBTQ Community Engagement and Art Direction.
As drag becomes more and more celebrated in mainstream culture, its vernacular has also become part of the everyday language used in entertainment, social media and daily life. So we partnered with the world’s leading experts in language, Merriam-Webster, to launch a #dragdictionary week and give queens the credit they deserve for their influence on vocabulary.
Watch the case study film below to get a glimpse of our colorful and vibrant salute to drag culture, led by our Associate Director of Design Jorge Andrade. Muse by Clio also had some tea to spill. YAS queen! YAS queen!