The Bouqs Co. Keeps Blooming in New Campaign

Blake Marquis | Jan. 10 2022

Following the selection as The Bouqs Co.’s integrated AOR, we’re excited to debut the brand’s new campaign and platform to the world, “Keep Blooming.” This approach connects a product benefit (“blooming” flowers that last longer) to the “blooming” face of the recipient after receiving a beautiful arrangement from The Bouqs Co.
The Bouqs Co. is a company with kindness at its core—whether it’s for an occasion or just because. From this foundation, we developed a core strategy around the idea of expressing “unexpected kindness.” Inside a visually rich and colorful world, and delivered with a bit of a wink and a smile, “Keep Blooming” celebrates the transformative joy unexpected kindness brings. The campaign carves out a distinctive and ownable tone that cuts through category clutter—ultimately with the goal of raising brand awareness for The Bouqs Co. while continuing to drive sales.
The :30 spot features different occasions that all feel like a slightly unexpected twist on a bouquet giving moment: a Valentine’s Day date that ends up being on Zoom; congratulating a friend “on the twins” that are actually French bulldog puppies; a Mother’s Day celebrating a same-sex couple (“the world’s best moms”).
“Keep Blooming captures the full essence of the brand. It’s funny, clever, and visually stunning. It not only encompasses the product benefit of our flowers that keep blooming after they arrive, but also the transformation that flowers can bring to your day, to your relationships,” Wendy Oliff, Vice President & General Manager, The Bouqs Company. “We worked seamlessly with The Many across creative, media, and strategy to create something unique to the category, and we’re excited to see the work living out in the world.”

Based on the insight that the audience’s media consumption is fragmented across a multitude of platforms and channels, The Many’s media team worked closely with The Bouqs Co.’s creative team to develop ideas and assets tailored to the nuances and opportunities offered by each digital environment. The integrated brand campaign will launch across a variety of media channels & platforms (Connected TV, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and will also be integrated into the existing performance media operation to drive full-funnel results.
As a first for The Bouqs Co., The Many developed bespoke assets for TikTok in line with the format and experience that platform provides. The media mix also extends into traditional channels with outdoor placements including urban wallscapes, digital bullets and transit in key markets.
“In a category where there’s a lot of sameness, ‘Keep Blooming’ gave us the opportunity to carve out a unique voice and narrative that spoke to both The Bouqs Company’s product and the emotional reasons we give flowers,” Pam Fujimoto, Group Creative Director at The Many. 

Sending flowers is so much about connections between people and genuine emotion, yet category marketing regularly relies on product shots and expected gift-giving occasions presented in familiar ways. “Keep Blooming” challenges convention with a deeper story and a playful tone, always speaking to audiences through the lens of unexpected kindness.

Client: The Bouqs Company
Vice President & General Manager, Wendy Oliff
Director of Integrated Marketing, Erin Reiss
Media Director, Angie Yi 
Creative Director, Hamsa Khzam
Agency: The Many
Group Creative Director, Pam Fujimoto
Associate Creative Director, Frank Garguilo
Sr. Art Director, Michelle John
Sr. Copywriter, Jameson Miller
Motion Designer, Darleen Ralota
Designer, Patrick Cambria
Group Brand Director, Kylie Wu
Brand Director, Lyndsey Dorian
Sr. Project Manager, Abby MacDonald
Group Strategy Director, Ashleigh Edwards
Producer, Kristin Batalucco
Group Media Director, Alex Barnes
Group Digital Media Director, David Lee
Media Director, Anthony Rocker
Analytics Specialist, Gabriela Elizondo
Media Supervisor, Anissa Sanders
Media Planner, Amber Peyghambari
Media Planner, Catherine Nguyen
Digital Specialist, Sasha Bennett
Production Company: Plus Plus
Head of Production, Dave Horowitz
Production Service Company: Panamericana
Creative & Executive Producer, Eva Ruiz de Chávez 
Executive Producer, Iris Torres 
Line Producer, Isabel Gallegos
Directors, Mac & Raga
Lead Editor, Karen Antunes
Assistant Editor, Paul Gomez Balvaneda
Post Production Company: Chemistry Labs
Post Production Director, Andrés Martinez-Rios
Sound Engineer, Antonio Castillo Hernández
Music Composer, Damian Galvez