Welcome Many Times: Say Hi to 19 New Hires

Blake Marquis | Jan. 4 2021

Happy New Year! With many new clients in the mix, (including Panda Express, eBay, Budget Blinds, Outshine and more!) we ended 2020 having welcomed 19 new team members to further integration, enhancing our ability to solve business challenges. 
But it was about more than just staffing up, 2020 was an opportunity to define our virtual work environment, invest in digitizing our practice, and hire the best talent regardless of location as we adapted to a new way of working amidst a global pandemic. 
“We now have total freedom to hire from anywhere,” says Amir Haque, Partner, Business Strategy and Growth. “People and teams had become more productive — in many respects — virtually, and as a result, the order of priority for how we hire has shifted. We used to hire based on experience, then location, then values, but we’ve been able to shift location to the bottom of that list, bringing experience and talent higher up the ladder.”
And now, while we still have our homes on the PCH and in Boston, we’re also now all over the world—Los Angeles, New York, Massachusetts, Portland, Seattle, Peru, Canada and Australia—which has dramatically expanded our talent pool and helped us achieve greater diversity.
Last year, we committed to change with diversity organization 600 & Rising—an agreement to not only improve, but to remain transparent. Since, we have increased diversity related to race and ethnic descent up to 40% (an overall increase of 5%) and the women now outnumber the men 55.6% to 44.4%.
You can dive deeper into our new hiring process in this story with MediaPost. But first, join us in saying hit to all of our new faces!


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