We Don’t Have
We Have Magicians.

Our award-winning production team finds ways to pull off the seemingly impossible.

We don’t have producers,
we have magicians.

Whether it’s closing the streets of downtown LA for a world-record car stunt,
or producing a long-form documentary in four months, our award-winning production
team finds ways to pull off the seemingly impossible.

We don’t have one-trick ponies either. Our producers are also directors,
editors, and even music composers in their own right, bringing years of
expertise in other fields to every job.

iFly Production

Full-service production.

The Many has full-service production capabilities, creating whatever
creative minds can imagine. We create premium execution across all
disciplines, requiring dutifulness to creative and an understanding of the
ever-evolving media landscape.

Los Angeles Tourism

Casting is everything.
No, not the actors.

As producers it’s our job to elevate and challenge the creative by tapping into our global
network of production companies, directors, editors, colorists, artists, composers, creative
technologists, designers, and animators and bring the best-in-class and most complementary
talent into the fold.

Immersive experiences.

Record-breaking stunts.

Advertising Stunt Hot Wheels

Feature-length documentaries.


Full-service production.

With the rapid rate at which content is now consumed, there has never been a
greater need for agencies to streamline production and execute at speed.
We have producers, directors, editors, photographers and creative technologists
in-house. Plus Plus, The Many’s sister agency and production studio, also taps into a global
network of production companies, colorists, artists, composers, designers, and animators to
bring the world’s best-in-class talent to any job, and offers complementary creative as well
as media capabilities.

Plus PLus Productions
  • Live Action
  • Experiential & Brand Activations
  • Stunts
  • Photography such as:
  •   Product, Lifestyle, Sports
  •   & Fashion
  • Branded Content & Documentaries
  • Social & GIF’s
  • Digital & Interactive
  • VFX & 2D & 3D Animation
  • Original Music Composition & Music Licensing
  • Translations & Overdubs
  • Cross-Language Asset Adaptation
  • Celebrity & Influencer Talent Acquisitions
  • Business Affairs