Harnessing the Power of Creators

In an era where social media is a primary form of entertainment, creators have emerged as the main characters.

At The Many we don’t see creator talent as product placements, but as partners in co-creation who, when given a brief that is true to their passions and expertise, are proven drivers of awareness, trust and purchase intent in your brand’s story.

We always have an eye towards building longtail relationships rooted in a genuine value-exchange between brand and talent.


What Funnels?

Today’s consumers can discover, purchase, and advocate for products in a few taps on their phone. As such, the funnel has evolved from a linear journey, to many entry-points driven by consumer behavior and need.

We cast creators for specific roles rooted in the business objectives of our brands to create intentional outcomes with the communities we seek to engage.

Our Process

End-To-End Creator Program Management

Our Creator program doesn’t sit apart from our agency process, it’s an integral part of it. Every discipline in the agency has a clear role in the process of the impact of creators:

There’s no one way to work with creators. Depending on the brief, budget, and timeline, we take one of three development approaches:

Casting + Vetting

Measurement and Effectiveness

Views and follower acquisition are valuable and visible performance indicators, but we go several steps deeper to measure the impact that creators have in driving our intended business outcomes. This includes setting up our system for learning early in the process so we get smarter as we go and are prepared to make adjustments as necessary.

How We Do It

Paid performance and evaluation against traditional ads

Owned engagement and earned share-of-voice

Brand lift studies against key business metrics

Quality traffic and sales attribution

Content and budget optimization

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