Current Opportunities

    Our Culture

    We believe in action, engagement, and participation. We're not just a team, but a vibrant collective force, unlocking new possibilities through passionate collaboration and unbridled creativity.

    This means every team member is an active contributor to our success. We value diverse perspectives, understanding that true innovation springs from the courage to question the status quo and the ambition to sculpt the future together. The Many champions a culture where participation and innovation are not just encouraged—they're imperative.

    We're on the lookout for individuals ready to embrace change, guided by creativity, eager to lean in, evolve and contribute. Your contributions will not only be valued but will also help fuel our collective journey and redefine the future not just for The Many but the industry at large. Join us in a collaborative environment where ideas don't just flourish—they lead to real transformation.

    Benefits with Participation in Mind

    We want you to be fit, healthy and happy 24/7, so we’ve put together these benefits to help you do just that.


    We offer medical, dental and vision plans through TriNet, and pay 100% of medical contributions for all full-time employees. Choose from high-deductible plans with a Health Savings Account (HSA), traditional plans with more comprehensive coverage or something in between.

    New Parent Paid Leave

    All full-time employees are eligible for 16 weeks of New Parent Paid Leave after six months with the agency. You’ll receive 100% of your salary for the first 8 weeks and 50% of your remaining salary for the remaining 8 weeks. And you can subsidize it with short-term disability if you need to. There is no limit on how many baby pics you can send us when you’re out.

    We’re Hybrid

    We brainstorm, butt-heads, collaborate and create in person, Tuesday through Thursday, overlooking the water in possibly the best office in the world. Monday and Friday, you can work from home if you’d like - but then who’s going to watch those dolphins and consume all the snacks and coffee???

    Work From Anywhere x 2

    Twice a year - once during summer and then from Thanksgiving to the New Year - we have a work from anywhere program (on Pacific Time to keep us all on the same page). Just like the name says, you can work from anywhere. Toil away from your great aunt’s basement in Boston, or from a boat in Bermuda. But the office will still be open, so you can also work from a beach in Pacific Palisades if you want.

    Paid Time Away

    After 90 days, your flexible vacation plan kicks in as well as your hopefully-you’ll-never-need-it sick leave.

    Labor Week & End of Year Breaks

    Labor Day? We give you the whole week off. You deserve it. Same with the period over the holiday break. The agency’s closed so you can concentrate on recharging your batteries, and eating and drinking and being merry. And then joining a gym….

    The 411 on 401K

    After 2 months of full employment you can contribute to a 401K retirement plan. We work with Transamerica and match your contributions at 50% for the first 6% you put into the plan.

    Career Goals

    We never stop looking for ways to help you get where you want to go professionally. Leadership coaching, management training, mentorship, skills courses - remember, we don’t do passive.

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