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GoFundMeBig and Small

With billions of dollars raised since its launch in 2010, and a community of more than 50 million donors, GoFundMe is the world’s largest social fundraising platform. For years, the crowdsourcing platform leader has been changing the way the world gives, and The Many was bought in to open the aperture of how people perceive the brand, with a nationwide television campaign, “Big and Small,” which featured a voiceover by actor Edward Norton.

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  • 18% Increase in Initiation of "Small" Fundraising Campaigns
  • 45% Uptick in Overall Platform Traffic

Fundraising: Big & Small

GoFundMe, the leading charitable fundraising platform, encountered a growth hurdle. The majority of consumers recognized the platform as a means for raising funds primarily for large-scale emergencies, disasters and tragedies. They weren’t cognizant of GoFundMe's potential for smaller, everyday fundraising endeavors.

Small But Mighty

Although large-scale disasters undeniably capture attention and foster a rapid response, smaller fundraising opportunities that benefit local communities are omnipresent. These smaller initiatives can be equally, if not more, uplifting. What consumers required was a nudge to recognize and act on these small-scale opportunities.

Taking Initiative

To address this, the "Big and Small" campaign was developed. This nationwide campaign not only highlighted the monumental charitable causes but equally showcased the plethora of local and smaller initiatives that users of GoFundMe support. Enhanced by the voiceover of Edward Norton, the campaign aimed to alter consumer perception, emphasizing that both big and small acts of kindness matter.

Large-Scale Impact

Post the launch of the "Big and Small" campaign, GoFundMe experienced a notable growth in its platform usage. There was an 18% increase in the initiation of "small" fundraising campaigns and a significant 45% uptick in overall platform traffic, underscoring the campaign's success in broadening the platform's perceived utility.

Increased the initiation of "small" fundraising campaigns by


Overall platform traffic increased by


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