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VH1Dating Naked (Season 1 & 2)

VH1's first foray into original content was a dating show in which everyone is...well, naked.

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  • 13th Most Viewed Video on YouTube
  • 2nd Most Viewed in the "Comedy" Category
  • 8 Trophies at PromaxBDA Awards
  • 2016 Agency of Year, PromaxBDA Awards

No Shirt, No Shoes...No Problem

Launching the inaugural season of "Dating Naked," VH1 was tasked with creating a high-impact PR stunt that would not only capture attention but also serve as compelling content for social and digital platforms.

A Series Like This Needed a Campaign That Pushed Boundaries

Understanding that "Dating Naked" was about pushing boundaries in the pursuit of love, we realized the launch needed to reflect this boldness. A live, unscripted event would embody the show's spirit of spontaneity and authenticity.

Did Someone Say... Live Naked Choreography in DTLA?

Yep. We did.

We orchestrated a daring, live naked choreography in Downtown LA, executed in a single continuous shot. This stunt, featuring a diverse mix of participants, was designed to spark conversation and controversy, aligning with the show's provocative nature.

Viral Success Achieved

The stunt achieved viral success, becoming the 13th most viewed video on YouTube and the 2nd most viewed in the “Comedy” category. It effectively cemented "Dating Naked" as a flagship show for VH1, creating a significant buzz and setting a high bar for future content.

Spot on YouTube's Most viewed Videos


Spot on YouTube's "Comedy" Category


It was so successful, they brought us back for round two.

For Our S2 Promo, We Celebrated the Beauty of Romance at 1000fps

For the second season of "Dating Naked," VH1 faced the challenge of maintaining the momentum generated by the show's successful first season. The network needed a fresh and engaging way to announce Season 2 across social, digital and on-air channels, ensuring it stood out and remained relevant to its audience.

Beyond Nudity, "Dating Naked" Was About Love

Recognizing that the core appeal of "Dating Naked" extended beyond mere nudity, our insight was to delve deeper into the theme of uninhibited love. The aim was to build on the show's established reputation, showcasing it as a unique platform for exploring relationships in their most genuine form.

We Created a Campaign That Celebrated the Diversity and Authenticity of Love

To resonate with this concept, we created a campaign that celebrated the diversity and authenticity of love, featuring a mix of couples from various backgrounds. This campaign, including visually captivating content shot at 1,000 frames per second, highlighted the beauty of love in all its forms, transcending traditional dating show norms.

Winner of Eight Trophies at the PromaxBDA Awards

The campaign for Season 2 successfully enhanced the show's appeal, drawing attention to its deeper theme of love without limits. It effectively engaged audiences, both returning and new, with its refreshing take on romance and relationships, setting the stage for another successful season of "Dating Naked" on VH1.

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