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An epic transformation of the 3rd-biggest toy brand on the planet.

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  • 270M+ Total Campaign Content Views
  • $100M+ in Incremental Revenue
  • 3 World Records Set

A Need to Remain Relevant

Hot Wheels faced a challenge in remaining relevant to its core audience of 6-to-9 year-old boys amidst the rising popularity of action sports, video games and mature content. This shift in interests led to a stagnation in growth for Mattel's second-largest franchise, creating a need to redefine the brand's appeal and cultural relevance in a rapidly evolving landscape.


An Audience that Craves Action and Excitement

Recognizing that today's young audience craves action and excitement, we identified the opportunity to elevate Hot Wheels from a traditional toy car brand to a dynamic entertainment property. By tapping into the aspirational world of action sports and scaling up from miniature to life-sized experiences, we could capture the imagination of both current and lapsed fans, making the brand relevant across a wider age range.

Full-Scale Action-Packed Experiences

Our approach, "Hot Wheels for Real," involved creating a compelling brand backstory and transitioning from the familiar 1:64 scale to full-scale, action-packed experiences. High-profile, world-record stunts at the Indy 500 and X Games, combined with a global TV spot, documentary series and franchising efforts, transformed Hot Wheels into a modern entertainment property. This strategic shift not only targeted the core young audience but also re-engaged older, nostalgic fans, expanding the brand's appeal.

Resounding Success and Millions in Incremental Revenue

The campaign was a resounding success, generating more than 270 million views across various content, attracting millions of new followers, and setting three world records. These efforts not only changed global perceptions of Hot Wheels but also led to the creation of a new toy line and an animated series. Collectively, these initiatives contributed an incremental $100 million in revenue, successfully revitalizing the brand and establishing it as a prominent player in the entertainment sector.

Total Content Views


Incremental Revenue


World Records Set

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