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CareCreditI CAN 2023, The Evolution

Challenged to elevate and elaborate on CareCredit's "I CAN" messaging, we focused on emboldening consumers on their health and wellness journey.

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"I CAN" Redefined:

CareCredit is usually thought of when consumers are faced with an immediate need, such as a broken bone or surgery. We repositioned CareCredit as a lifelong wellness partner, there for you every step of the way, building upon the equity of ‘I Can’ and moving the messaging from a place of “empowerment” to a place of “emboldenment."

Aspirational Health and Wellness as a Campaign Cornerstone

The updated I CAN campaign creative should look to evolve to keep pace with a shifting consumer landscape, with have peoples’ aspirational visions for health and wellness the cornerstone of the campaign messaging. This will help tell the story that CareCredit is there for you, all the time, in all aspects of your life, not just when you need it most.

Showcasing the Breadth of Services

The campaign showcased the breadth of services covered by CareCredit and highlighted how the card can be used for things that bring one’s “aspirational” views of health, wellness and happiness into the right now, instead of an unplanned and immediate future need.

Four Unique Spots: Four Relatable Heroes...and One Large Dog

Working alongside The Many Studios, we wrote and created four unique spots with quirky-yet-relatable heroes, empowered and emboldened by their CareCredit credit card, taking care of health and wellness on their own terms. These stories highlight four different cases in which CareCredit allowed people to be their best selves day in and day out, not just when tragedy strikes.

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