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World Surf LeagueYou Can't Script This

A brand platform to challenge other major sports and champion what makes the World Surf League unique.

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  • Brand & Creative Strategy
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  • Brand & Campaign Creative
  • Long Form Content


  • Brand Positioning
  • Tone of Voice


  • 12-Point Rise in Brand Awareness for the World Surf League
  • 10-Point Boost in Brand Affinity

Crashing the Surf Scene

The World Surf League had always been a niche professional sports organization with a small yet highly engaged community. Coming to The Many, the WSL wanted to create their first global brand campaign during what would be the sport’s most competitive year ever. The campaign needed to show core surf fans across the world, and new fans who’d inevitably fall in love with the action, that competitive surfing is truly a sport for all.

Surfing for All

A newer, broader audience was familiar with surfing primarily as a lifestyle, but not for its athletic competitive nature. Whether you’re a core fan or not, surfing taps into something deeper - something human in everyone - an exhilaration, intensity and drama that stems from the true unpredictability of nature. It’s the feeling that brings surfers back at the earliest of hours, day after day - and it’s the moments you can’t look away from - even if you’ve never personally paddled out.

Staring Down the Barrel

"You Can't Script This" was crafted and launched as a global awareness campaign anchored by a cinematic brand film that immersed viewers in the real surfer's mindset, emphasizing the unforeseeable events in surfing and showcasing it as a sport with unparalleled dynamics and challenges.

Surf's Up!

The campaign saw significant success, with a 12-point rise in brand awareness for the World Surf League. Additionally, there was a notable 10-point boost in brand affinity, indicating stronger connections and favorable perceptions among the target audience.

The Many

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